Work On Your Strengths Not Your Weaknesses

Have you ever been told to work on your weaknesses? All through life we are told that we need to focus on and improve ALL of the areas that we aren’t proficient at. And while this comes from a good place, it may be doing a great amount of damage to you and may ultimately be responsible for holding you back from success in life.
In school we are graded as an average of our knowledge across a series of subjects. We may excel in one area, but because of lack of interest or understanding in other areas, our overall GPA reflects that we simply aren’t smart enough.
But the reality is that we all have areas in life that we are excellent at! And isn’t it true that confidence and success breeds more of the same. The reverse is also true. Insecurity, unsureness, and failure breeds more of its same as well. And if we are constantly being shown our weaknesses, and being told to Improve those areas, and put all of our focus onto becoming better in the areas that we don’t excel at naturally, 2 things begin to happen.
Number 1, we are always shown and focusing on our failures. We aren’t good enough in these areas, and so we are bombarded with where we don’t measure up. This inadvertently brings our overall confidence and competence levels down. We get so wrapped up in what we don’t do well, that we begin to feel we aren’t good enough.
The Second thing that happens is we don’t put our attention onto the areas where we are excellent. Those areas are already “Good Enough” and so our effort and focus goes onto improving our weaknesses while our strengths are left by the wayside.
In doing these things, we never build the assurance and confidence up in the areas of our life where we are great, to give us enough push and motivation to continue to excel. If, however, we focused first on our strengths, we would without a doubt develop incredible self confidence, seeing that we are great, that we have purpose, that we can learn with ease, and this confidence would then go a long ways in building up All areas of our life.
We’ve got it backwards. Don’t focus on your weaknesses. Instead, focus on your strengths, and your weaknesses will begin to improve out of our simple desire to keep excelling.

Ask yourself, are you constantly telling yourself you aren’t good enough, and that you need to focus on your weakest areas in order to measure up?
Or are you telling yourself to focus on your strengths, thus seeing that you are amazing, that you are capable, that you are competent, all the while building your overall self-confidence to a level that then demands excellence through positive inspiration in all areas of your life?

Which route would you rather choose?

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