Why Personal Development Is Critical To Success

Why Personal Development Is Critical To Success

Why Personal Development Is So Critical For Success. “For Things In Life To Change, You’ve Got to Change.”

why personal development is critical to success

For Things To Change, You’ve Got To Change

Jim Rohn, one of the most influential motivational speakers of our time, and mentor to giants of personal development like Tony Robbins and others, said it best when he said, “For Things To Change, You’ve Got To Change.” If you don’t change who you are, if you don’t grow and develop, nothing will change for you. You can have more than you’ve got because you can become more than you are. But if you don’t become more than you currently are, how can you ever expect to get better results or to have more of what you want?

“For Things In Life To Change, You’ve Got To Change.”
– Jim Rohn

Why Personal Development?

Personal Development is Critical to Success. Why? Because our success is so dependent on progress and movement forward. Earl Nightingale defined Success as “the progressive realization of a worthy ideal,” which means that we must be constantly progressing forward and realizing our dreams, desires, goals, and plans in order to find success. And if it was easy, everyone would be successful. But what we find is that Success takes work, and change. We don’t yet know all that we need to know in order to achieve all that our hearts desire. And therefore, we must grow. We must change. We must make an effort to learn more, to hone in our skills, and to create a better way of doing things for ourselves. Only through change do we experience change. Only through growth do we improve. And therefore, the reason why personal development is critical to success is that it is essential and the absolute foundation of success by definition.

So when we encounter obstacles which seem greater than we are, we have two choices and can draw on reaction from two frames of mind. One will lead us to success and greatness while the other will leave us living lives of mediocrity.

  • Mindset 1) We accept the obstacle as being greater than we, and relent to live life subject to its restrictions and our own limitations. We are overwhelmed that such an obstacle would stand in our way, we see our own shortcomings and decide that there is no hope for us reaching our destination because the way is too hard. We therefore accept defeat and choose a different path, hoping that our new journey will fare better than the last.
  • Mindset 2) Although the obstacle is great in our eyes, our potential is far greater. And although we don’t yet see a way to overcome this obstacle, we know that we have limitless potential within us to grow and conquer it. Therefore we identify the lack within us that makes this obstacle great in our eyes and we seek to build our character, our skills, our determination, and our strength until we completely crush said obstacle and make it nothing more than a slight bump along our journey.

On my road to success and wealth I choose the 2nd Mindset. I will not relent and will never cower in the face of adversity. That was for the old me, but the new Machi Block will never stop until my dreams are met.

I See Only The Objective. The Obstacle Must Give Way!

Napoleon Bonaparte has a famous battle quote that inspires me relentlessly in the pursuits of my goals. He said, “I see only the Objective, the Obstacle must give way.” When paired with the greatness of character that the world witnessed Napoleon Bonaparte develop in steadfastness and the incredible heights to which he climbed, I am inspired time and time again to remember this quote and apply it to my own journey. I see only my objective, the obstacles must give way.
Seek to become a man of strength, determination, and discipline. Seek to become a man so great that all objectives get met, and all obstacles come to naught when encountered by your driving will.

napoleon bonaparte I see only the objective the obstacle must give way lifestyle billionaire club

“I See Only The Objective. The Obstacle Must Give Way!”
– Napoleon Bonaparte

Great Motivators Who Taught Why Personal Development Is Critical To Success.

When we think of great motivators who have not only accomplished much in their own lives, but inspired so many others to achieve greatness in their own lives, one of my favorite mentors stands head and shoulders above the rest. Jim Rohn was a simple, yet profound teacher who touched and changed the lives of many. I credit him for much of my growth in my own personal development journey.
One reason why Jim Rohn was so amazing and influential is because his own life was so transformed by personal development. And after that point, he merely shared his own insights and discoveries with the world in simple yet direct ways that others could apply. These principles that he taught would go on to shape the personal development industry as we know it.

Jim Rohn was inspired by one of his early mentors, Earl Shoaff, who taught him that if you want to be wealthy and happy, learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. From this simple statement began Jim Rohn’s lifetime belief in self-improvement and personal development.
One of the beautiful aspects of this story is that Earl Shoaff, the man who had such a profound impact on Jim Rohn and shaped his success teachings, never completed more than a 9th grade level of education. Because of this fact, Earl Shoaff spoke his wisdom in very simplistic terms. Consequently, Jim Rohn, being a farm boy from Idaho, picked up on the information quickly and spoke that very wisdom back to his captive audience at a later date in just as simple and impactful of words.

Personal Development Introduces Us To New Concepts

Jim Rohn wrote an essay titled, “The Miracle of Personal Development” in one of his classic books, 7 Strategies for Wealth And Happiness. In this essay he explained why personal development is critical to success and a necessary lifelong pursuit.

“Ever since Mr. Shoaff woke me up with that statement, I worked hard on my own personal growth, and I must admit that this was the most challenging assignment of all. But understand, this business of personal development lasts a lifetime.”

From Jim Rohn’s perspective, personal development is all about changing your personal philosophy. As you grow and change, your philosophy will change, and as you change the way you think, so shall your outcomes change.
Earl Shoaff challenged Jim Rohn one day and said, “Mr. Rohn, you’ve been working 6 years, how come you aren’t doing better?” And Jim’s reply was, “This is all they pay me,” speaking about the company he worked for. “That’s not true,” responded Shoaff, “This is all the company pays you. Doesn’t the company pay 2, 3, 4, 5 times this amount to other people? And If you qualified then wouldn’t your income grow?”
Jim had never considered that before, and the conclusion reached was, “We don’t have to work on the company, we have to work on you.”
This was the beginning of what Earl Shoaff called Personal Development.

Jim Rohn used to also come to Earl Shoaff and say, “Things cost to much.” To which Earl Shoaff replied, “Things don’t cost too much, You can’t afford them.”
“I hadn’t thought of that,” said Jim Rohn.

You see, things are put on the highest shelf for a reason. There are things in this life that you can’t get until you quality for them. And every book that you read gets you closer. Every lesson you learn gets you higher and closer to those things on the high shelf of life, reserved for those who earn them. You stand on the books you read.
Read My Personal Book Recommendation List Here.

Success Is Something You Attract By The Person You Become

Another one of Jim Rohn’s simple teachings on Success is that Success is something you attract by the person you become. That phrase will change your life. Success is not something that you pursue, but instead it is something that you attract by becoming an attractive person. You’ve got to change if you want things to change. If you’ll do the work, everything will change for you. Hence the reason why personal development is critical to success.

Life and success is all about learning new concepts. It’s new concepts which spur on growth and change in life, and new concepts come from personal development. If a person wants more out of life, they better learn more. They better change and grow and learn. Again, each new book brings on new ideas which can spur a man on towards life-changing ideas.

Profits Are Better Than Wages. Why Personal Development Is Critical To Success.

One more concept that Jim Rohn learned from Earl Shoaff is that Profits are better than Wages. Nobody taught him that in high school or in college. And why not? Because some concepts are only learned through personal development. Mr. Shoaff taught Jim Rohn that wages make you a living while profits make you a fortune. You can work on both a living and a fortune, but most people won’t. You can work full time on your living and part time on your fortune, you’ve just got to decided to do it and make the choice to build a part-time fortune making pursuit. At that point, once a person has decided to become more through personal development and to have more through additional pursuits, now it becomes fun to get up in the morning. You’re no longer just going to work to pay rent, but to you get to wake up and go to work each day to make a fortune. You’ve leanred how to make both a living and a fortune.

Additionally, a person’s income is related to a person’s philosophy, not the economy. Most likely, no one has ever told you that, which is why personal development is so crucial and critical to advancing your life and wealth. Many people sit around with their fingers crossed hoping that the economy will change and bring better tidings for them. But the reality of success and wealth is that the economy doesn’t have to change, it’s your philosophy that has to change. Crossing your fingers wont help. Wanting, wishing, and hoping doesn’t bring on the needed change. So what could a person do to multiply their income? You need to change. Your philosophy needs to change. You need to develop the disciplines and processes to learn new skills that will change your life. Your life will change in every manner that you can imagine if you change your philosophy and yourself. You’ve got to learn the very simple abc concepts to success.
Jim Rohn says this, “Don’t search for exotic until you’ve discovered the basic.”
It’s the Basic Philosophies that are life changing and far too few master them.

I challenge you to learn The Foundations Of Success and begin your journey to wealth. If you will change, everything will change. If you don’t change, nothing changes. You don’t want to wake up a year from now, 5 years from now, and see your life headed in the exact same direction. Make a decision today, RIGHT NOW, to begin your journey of Personal Development and fully immerse yourself in success teachings that will help you establish the building blocks to a better and wealthier tomorrow.

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