How To Wake Up Early. The 5am Club and The Golden Hour.

The 5am Club and the Golden Hour. How To Wake Up Early.

With this one simple trick I changed my entire life…

I used to be such a night owl. I would stay up until 3am, 4am, and even 5am some nights getting work done. I was a creative, an artist, and I think staying up so late was some sort of rebellion against the system to me… a right of passage as an artist in some twisted way.
My excuses were always that I was able to unplug from the world. Nightime was my time to be at peace, when the rest of the world was asleep and not bothering me, not demanding anything of me. Finally, I could just work and be free to have my own agenda and schedule.
But the problem was that I was always waking up so tired and sluggish, no matter how many hours of sleep I was able to get. And my desire to stay up late and work was only a feeble attempt at solving a greater problem in my life, which was time management.

Eventually I began to delve into business and personal development. I heard so many successful people talk about the 5AM Club, waking up at five in the morning, what they called the “Golden Hour.”
I gave it a shot and my entire world changed.

Watch the video to get a more in-depth understanding of the changes that took place.

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