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What Are The Foundations Of Success?

     As we set off on this journey together, I will teach you the Foundations of Success and help walk you through a series of what I have come to understand, are the crucial foundations for becoming successful and gaining wealth. I have developed, over the last two years of study, research, and application, a full guide that has not only changed my life around, but if given the chance can also change your’s. I’ve labeled this highly valuable program the “Foundations Of Success,” because it contains what I believe to be the most crucial and foundational ideas, concepts, and principles that you absolutely need to understand and apply in order to truly achieve Success in your life.
Below is a summary of Foundation #3 “Personal Development.”
The Foundations Of Success course I’ve created is extensive in it’s value, simple in it’s approach, strategic in it’s knowledge, and easily accessible to you. All you have to do is follow a link and your life could change in an instant.
And I know that life is daunting, and change is hard, so should you desire to first get a taste of what the Foundations of Success are all about, I’ve created these short blog posts to give you some key insights into what you’ll learn in each Foundation of Success within the program.
Read to your heart’s content and follow each post to gain a preliminary understanding. This information alone can do wonders for your life. But should you choose to be serious about changing your life, improving your current situation, and beginning your journey on the path to riches, the full scope of the Foundations Of Success is always available to you here.

Ultimate Definite Purpose – Foundations Of Success 6

6) Ultimate Definite Purpose

“A man without a definite major purpose is as helpless as a ship without a compass.”
– Napoleon Hill.
Your Ultimate Definite Purpose is your’s to define, and that is what you must be working toward achieving with every step of your life.

If You Seek Change In Your Life, Define The Change:
If you are seeking to change and improve your life, you first must define what that change looks like. Where do you want to be in life, what are you striving for, and what is the one pursuit in your life, that if accomplished, would lead you to feel not only “Successful” but also empowered to find success in all other areas and passions of your life?
This one thing, is defined as your Ultimate Definite Purpose. All success starts with defining for yourself your Ultimate Definite Purpose, and creating a Burning, or White-Hot desire for it.

A Burning Desire:
Your Ultimate Definite Purpose must be accompanied by a burning desire, a white-hot desire for success. It should be a goal so definitive in your life that you think about it day and night, and you stay restless, knowing that you want to achieve it.
With your Ultimate Definite Purpose you must desire it so strongly that you will not waver from your purpose, from achieving it, and that no amount of obstacles or delays will stop you from having it.
Say to yourself, I want it, and I’ll have it. Have absolute dedication and determination to achieve it, and you will.
This is the driving force behind all successful people in life. They have clearly set their eyes on a singular goal, and they work purposefully to achieve that goal. And until it is theirs, they don’t relent, they don’t give up or give in. They know, without a doubt, that they want it and they will have it.

In order to reach your Ultimate Definite Purpose, you must know what you want to accomplish, have faith in your ability to do it, and persist until you have accomplished your goal.
There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that belief, plus burning desire, plus constant action, improved by thinking and assessment, cannot accomplish.

You don’t need to have all of the right things in line, you don’t need to have the right education, the right schooling, you must have the right attitude and the right determination to succeed at the task for which you are pursuing. You must have a definite purpose and you must persist. And you must think! Yes, you must always think, and think anew, and apply and review and Think, and put into process that which you have thought.
Persistence, concentration of effort, and definiteness of purpose are the major sources of almost all achievement.

Triangle Of Success:
Your faith will create action, and by thinking and constantly applying, processing, and moving forward and taking action consistently, you will continue to believe in it more and more. Your desire will increase, your faith will increase, and your action will increase. These three things feed each other.
Define your Ultimate Definite Purpose, have a desire for it, believe that it will be done, and take action. The action you take will fuel your desire, which in turn will fuel your faith, which in turn will fuel more action. This triangle of success will continue to fuel and feed itself until you reach all that you have set out to accomplish.

Newtons 2nd Law: A body in motion will remain in motion, and a body at rest will remain at rest:
We’ve all had days where we’ve lacked discipline and sat around a little too long in the morning, not accomplishing anything. And within 10 minutes of doing that, our entire day falls away from us and we tend to accomplish nothing the whole day. It tends to become so hard to get moving doesn’t it?
That is because a body that is not in motion, will remain at a standstill.
We’ve also all had those days were we accomplish more than we ever thought possible. You wake up, and the first thing you do after your morning routine is accomplish a small task, you continue to accomplish tasks all throughout your day, and experience productivity unlike ever before. And that is because a body in motion will remain in motion. The sooner you can accomplish even a small thing, you will continue to accomplish great things, and you will maintain the energy you have.
The key then is to build momentum as quick as possible. To set up your day and structure your day in such a way that you are set up for success and for accomplishment. We need to rest, and so we sleep.

Creating and defining for yourself an Ultimate Definite Purpose is the staring point of all success. With this comes an increase in desire, faith, focus, and action. If you set all of your focus, determination, and persistence on achieving your Ultimate Definite Purpose in life, you will ensure that each day is a success, that you are consistently moving toward the one goal that will improve your life by great amounts.
Do not neglect to define you purpose in life. If you have no specific purpose, how can any amount of inspiration, motivation, or learning help you improve? Understanding what are you improving toward gives you the direction to accomplish great things and have a purposeful life. Learn to build, along with your Ultimate Definite Purpose, a white-hot burning desire to see it accomplished, and set each task and action step toward it’s attainment. All effort will then guide you towards a life of success.
Next I will teach you how to structure your day and manage your time so that you can ensure that each day is successful, laying a building block on the foundation of your Ultimate Definite Purpose.

Learn The Foundations Of Success

By this point I’m sure you’re intrigued and wondering what else there is to know that can help you live the life you have always desired.
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