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What Are The Foundations Of Success?

     As we set off on this journey together, I will teach you the Foundations of Success and help walk you through a series of what I have come to understand, are the crucial foundations for becoming successful and gaining wealth. I have developed, over the last two years of study, research, and application, a full guide that has not only changed my life around, but if given the chance can also change your’s. I’ve labeled this highly valuable program the “Foundations Of Success,” because it contains what I believe to be the most crucial and foundational ideas, concepts, and principles that you absolutely need to understand and apply in order to truly achieve Success in your life.
Below is a summary of Foundation #3 “Personal Development.”
The Foundations Of Success course I’ve created is extensive in it’s value, simple in it’s approach, strategic in it’s knowledge, and easily accessible to you. All you have to do is follow a link and your life could change in an instant.
And I know that life is daunting, and change is hard, so should you desire to first get a taste of what the Foundations of Success are all about, I’ve created these short blog posts to give you some key insights into what you’ll learn in each Foundation of Success within the program.
Read to your heart’s content and follow each post to gain a preliminary understanding. This information alone can do wonders for your life. But should you choose to be serious about changing your life, improving your current situation, and beginning your journey on the path to riches, the full scope of the Foundations Of Success is always available to you here.

Time Management – Foundations Of Success 7

7) Time Management

A Successful Life = The Accumulation Of Successful Days
A life of Success is the accumulation of successful days, months, and years. Each successful day is a building block, a foundation stone in your overall idea of success and achievement. Without laying consecutive successful days down, consistently, how can you ever expect to build the life you want? Therefore it is imperative you learn the proper way to ensure that each day is a success, that you don’t get overwhelmed by the magnitude of your lofty goals, and that you see each day as something easily accomplishable if only you maintain a little bit of discipline, focus, and structure.
First in understanding Time Management is to realize that you can’t manage time, you can only learn to manage yourself. We’re all given 24 hours in a day, and we all need some measure of sleep each and every day. You can’t get more time, you’ll never have enough to accomplish everything you want. But the significant realization and belief we can attain is that we DO have enough time to accomplish the important things we need to do each and every day. If you learn to manage yourself well, stay disciplined, set well-defined objectives, and even more-so, cut out the tasks you “think” you need to do, but that actually don’t contribute much, you will find that you have plenty of time each day to make incredible progress on your Ultimate Definite Purpose and Goals.

The things that get Scheduled are the things that get Done.
Know that the things that get scheduled are the things that get done. Tell yourself this over and over and over again. The things that you schedule in are the things that you will do. If you really want to see a goal come to life and take shape, schedule in the steps that will get you there.
Becoming more effective and maximizing achievement:
Find what works and double down on that. Cut out the rest, except what is Necessary. This is what successful people do. They don’t waste their time on things that don’t produce BIG results. What do you want more… to play around with things you want to do, but will have no real result for you… or to invest yourself in things that will actually change your life and your situation for the better?

Do fewer things, but do more important things. Do them more often, and get better at them.

Major Days Vs. Minor Days
Learn to stay in charge of your day. Decide which things of your tasks and goals are Major and which are Minor. Learn to plan your days as Major Days: focusing specifically on your Major Goals, or Minor Days: Days to accomplish lots of busy work in order to clear the way to have more Major Days.
Don’t major in Minor Things.

Don’t mistake movement for achievement.
Don’t mistake movement for achievement. You’ve got to be busy being productive, not just busy being busy.

How to Structure Your Day:
Work from a list:
Every minute spent planning saves up to 10 minutes in production and execution.
The most important thing you can do is plan your day. Preferably, you should plan your day the night before, so that you can start the day knowing a general idea of what you need to accomplish.
Then, spend the first few minutes of your day, each day writing out your priorities, your goals, and the steps you will take to meet them for this day.
Do this first thing in the day before you attend any amount of work. No emails, no calls, etc… Write everything you have to do down on a list. This sets your sail for the day.
Writing down a list forces you to think things through from a higher level. All successful people work from lists.

Organize Priorities in your List.
The second thing you should do with your list is organize priorities within your list. Go through everything you need to do, and prioritize which ones matter most to make sure that you get them done first. And that is the key, to make sure to tackle the biggest priorities first in the day.
You should identify the three things on your list that will bring you the greatest reward once they are achieved. Then, set them as the first things that you work on throughout the day so that even if nothing else gets done, you’ve done the most important thing that brings you the greatest return. You want to pick your most important task, start to work on it, and then stick with it single-mindedly until it is complete.

All success in life comes from project completion: taking a project, starting it, and seeing it through to completion. This is what brings success and opens up your way for future growth and gain.
You can actually increase your productivity by 50% if you simply start and complete your most important task first thing each day. This is a surefire way to become more efficient, more productive, and to earn more in the long run.

What to Work on “AT WORK”
During the work day, only work on things that have big potential consequences. The “Work Day” is designated as such, because it is a time for working and progress towards specific tasks. I know and understand that you want to do lots of things throughout the day, but you’ve got to be disciplined and decide that you can do them after work. While at work, only work on things that have big potential consequences. This is the quickest route to increased income in any profession.

Never start your day until you finish your day.

Understanding that Time Management is really management of self is key. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with our days and never really accomplish anything of significance, day after day. We get wrapped up in tedious busy work that we think needs to get done, but we neglect the things that truly need to be achieved.
Time management takes knowledge, discipline, and long-term perspective. And once you master it, you change your entire life.
Focus on the things in life that provide major positive results, and those which have major consequences for your situation. Learn to focus specifically on your major tasks each day, and you will quickly see that you are more productive and more successful almost immediately. You’ll be amazed by the results, the feeling of success, and the additional free time you create for yourself. If you then double down on the work toward your major priorities, you only catapult yourself further into success.
All successful people start with and work from lists. You should never begin your day until you have it finished. A person who begins his day without specific direction, is forced to spend his day reacting to life, tossed too and fro by every demand placed on him.

Learn The Foundations Of Success

By this point I’m sure you’re intrigued and wondering what else there is to know that can help you live the life you have always desired.
If you’d like to go further in depth with this principle and others like it, and better understand it, I’ve prepared a program for you called The Foundations Of Success.
In it you will learn all of the fundamentals of “How To Become Successful,”  and what it takes to get Rich. Let the Foundations Of Success program assist you on your Road To Wealth.
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