Success Is The Progressive Realization Of A Worthy Ideal

Success Is The Progressive Realization Of A Worthy Ideal

The Haves And The Have Nots

What is it that separates those who have, and those who have not? We call the “Haves” Successful, and the “Have Nots” Unsuccessful, but what exactly does Success mean? What is it’s definition, it’s explanation, it’s overarching essence? More importantly, how do you become Successful?
These are all questions you probably ask yourself often on your pursuit of the good life. What is it that will allow one person to achieve all that they desire in life, while another person (often ourselves) is seen struggling for everything in life, rarely if ever “catching a lucky break?”
Well if you’re asking yourself this, then you’re on the right track. But you’ve now got to equip yourself with the right kind of information. You’ve got to understand the correct definitions of things… What is Success, what is Luck, what are Goals? If you’re struggling in life and looking for More, looking for something better, trying to earn more and have more freedom, then chances are good that you need to shift some of your philosophies and the way you look at success and achievement.

We all know people who seem to do so well in life. People that we envy and wish we could be like. Everything seems so easy for them, while it seems so hard for us. They seem to get all of the lucky breaks. But is that really true? Could it really be true that some cosmic force called Luck is favoring them while it consistently and purposefully avoids us? Or could it be more true that we misunderstand the way of the universe, that luck isn’t what we think it is, and thus we frequently miss our “Luck” or even fail to recognize it.

What Is Luck?

I’m here to tell you that the majority of times, what we consider LUCK is, really simply Opportunity meeting Preparation. And if we aren’t prepared, when other people are, then it will appear that they are Lucky, while we are Unlucky. But a person with that perspective will never get anywhere in life. If you look at the world in this way, then you’ve got to change your perspective. It is your responsibility to get PREPARED in life, and thus recognize Opportunity when it knocks.
And you might be asking, “Prepared for what? How do I prepare if I don’t know what to be prepared for?”
It is each of our Duties, indeed our Responsibilities, to define for ourselves what we want out of our lives. We need to set goals for ourselves, knowing precisely what we want to achieve, accomplish, attain, and experience in life. Most people sit around and hope that somebody else will come along and show them what their life should be all about. Don’t be that way! They who wait, who are accustomed to avoiding action, will never experience the life they were meant to.
So know your goals. Know yourself. Know what YOU want out of YOUR life. And set for yourself distinct ideals that you hope to accomplish.
Then, set out to be prepared to achieve them. Invest yourself in Personal Development. Grow, Learn, Change, and Become all that you wish to become. Invest time in reading books on the subjects which will help you achieve your desires. Invest time in practicing new skills needed to acquire what you want. Invest yourself in others, in mentors and role models you admire, to learn from them the things that have worked and that haven’t.
Success leaves clues; all those who have gone before have have left road maps to achievement, available for you to learn and understand if you would simply apply yourself.
So get to applying. Go work on becoming who you want to become. And by doing so, by keeping your well defined goals in your focus, you will find yourself prepared for the opportunities of life that will take you one step further, one step further, one step further, until you’ve become who and what you want to be. Successful.
You see, if you aren’t prepared, you won’t even see the opportunity when it presents itself to you. But if you devote yourself to Personal Development, you can be prepared for almost anything in life that will advance your position. You will be constantly improving yourself and growing.

This is Success. Success is taking advantage of the “Luck,” or “Opportunities” that present themselves to you in your life. It’s being prepared and being able to act when the time is right, to get the results you desire. Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.

Success = Progressive Realization Of A Worthy Ideal

Breakdown Of Success

So let’s break that down a little at a time:
Success: Achieving your desires.
Desires: Things you have clearly defined for yourself and turned into Goals.
Goals: Things that can be worked toward and achieved Step By Step.

Progressive Realization: Consistently working towards and accomplishing.
Consistently: Day in, Day out, over time, crossing off and completing action steps toward your defined goals.

Worthy Ideal: Your own personal goals and dreams. The things that will make your life enjoyable to you.
Worthy: It has to be something you personally believe and and desire. Chasing other’s dreams just because will not bring you satisfaction in your life.
Ideal: What is your Ideal life? What are the things you desire to become, to have, to accomplish, and to experience? Don’t settle for a cheap version of what you want, instead, strive for the Ideal, the perfect picture of your life according to you!

Shift Your Perspective

I hope this is making sense to you. I hope that by reading this you are beginning to understand that success in life comes from knowing first what you want out of life, and then by becoming more than you currently are in order to “prepare” for life’s opportunities that will advance you toward your dreams.
If you can shift your perspective from envying others and considering them the lucky recipients of something that is beyond your own reach, and change it to admiring them for their ability to receive and achieve opportunity when it knocks, then you can learn from those around you. You can begin to pick up the clues that Success leaves, and apply the same principles to your own life, in your own way, toward your own pursuits. And soon enough, your life will begin to change, little by little, because you’ve changed.

For things to change, you’ve got to change. Without your own self improvement, it is rare that anything will change for you. Therefore, be a good steward of your life and become more than you are so that you can have more than you have, experience more than you’ve experienced, and achieve more than you’ve achieved. This is Success. The Progressive Realization Of Worthy Goals In Your Life.

The Foundations Of Success

If you want to learn more about how to move from being a “Have Not” into becoming a “Have” in life, I would like to invite you to learn the Foundations of Success. Become your best self, learn the necessary disciplines that will help you achieve EVERYTHING you want in life, Master the Habits of Success which will allow you to move from Success to Success in life with ease of transition, and understand how to apply the simple, yet little known, tips, tricks, and tactics for Success. Success is Easy, it’s learning the specific, correct principles that’s hard. But if you know where to look, and you pick up the right clues, Success is available to you.

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