How to Start and Grow a Successful Business

How to start and grow a successful business

In this video we explore the fundamental ideas of what it takes to start, build, and grow a business as a small business owner and entrepreneur. What exactly does it take to be successful when 90% of small businesses fail? Why do businesses fail?
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There are 3 foundational levels that you need to excel at in any business you pursue. You’ve got to understand Marketing, Selling, and Management (both of yourself and others). If you can nail these three key areas, there isn’t much that can keep you from succeeding and reaching your goals.

We all have areas that we don’t particularly like or really care to excel in. We just think that we can hire someone to focus on that part for us, but the reality is that we must fully understand these areas ourselves and drive success into them in order for us to see our company grow.
You have got to at least get a solid understanding of how success is achieved in each are (Marketing, Sales, and Management) in order to put someone in charge of this area and see it remain successful.
It’s hard work being a business owner, but it’s worth it if you know how to reach high levels of achievement.

how to build and grow a successful business

So learn what it takes to grow a successful business, and then set out to make more of yourself, to be the best that you can be at achieving your goals in each of these areas. Work tirelessly until you understand them, and test things often.
You’ll always have ideas that come flooding into your mind on things you can implement in your business, ways you can grow, areas you can improve, etc… The key is to not get overwhelmed, and to actually implement All of your ideas. But you’ve got to start small with them, and test them on a manageable level Once you test them, you find the ones that work, and you scale them up. Forget the rest until a later time when they may be more relevant to your success. You’ve got to focus ONLY on the things that work, double down on them, and forget, or outsource the rest.
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