Setting Standards For Your Life

Setting Standards For Your Life

The standards that you set for your life are the standards that you will live by. Do you realize that only you can set the bar for your life? And wherever you set that bar is what your life will reflect.
We all think that we have standards and values, but in reality, most of us only hold those standards and values in our mind. We don’t ever exercise them. And if a standard, or a value, isn’t exercised, it simply exists as an idea.
If we don’t move our standards from our head, into actual practice, they do us no good, and indeed we’re only fooling ourselves.
Part of living the good life, then, is to create actual standards and values in our lives that we exercise and defend.

There’s a mystery of life, that the more we exercise our standards, and raise the bar, the better our lives become. Sometimes we’re afraid to take drastic actions that would put our lives in line with our values, because we think it’s out of our reach, or too hard to get there. But the people who accept NOTHING less than what they desire for themselves, are the ones that have the best lives and enjoy every minute of them.
The mystery here is that as we raise our bar, we somehow naturally find ways to meet the demands of those higher standards, whether it be in the form of higher income needs or time demands.

So the lesson here is to spend some time thinking about your standards. Who do you truly want to be in this life? Define those values, and then begin acting them out consistently. Just watch how your life changes and grows to meet those new demands.

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