December 9, 2015

Road To Wealth

We are all on a journey to Wealth, Success, and the Rich Life.

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The Road to Wealth

Like any journey, there are many paths, many options,
and many opportunities to be taken, and like any journey,
you must start, with the end in mind.

You are like a ship sailing from port. Before you leave
your safe harbour, you must have a destination port in mind.
To set sail without and end would mean to drift precariously
upon the waters of life, being tossed too and fro by every
gust of wind, every wave, and every storm, hoping to arrive
somewhere… anywhere, safely. How foolish?

Indeed it is wise to have a destination, and end of the
journey, in mind before you leave. Then, the wind will blow,
the waves will push, the storms will toss, but with each leg
of the journey you correct your course and keep yourself
pointed at the port of your choosing. You may be blown off
direction from time to time, but your skills as a captain will
keep your ship journeying towards your destination, and you
will be certain of your arrival.

This is true with life. Before you begin your journey,
where you want to end up. And then trust, that as
captain of
your ship, you will keep your life pointed in the
direction of
 your desires. You will need to learn skills along the
 Skills to master your ship. Skills to set your sail in order to
use the winds of life to direct you where you please, not where
they please. Skills to steer your rudder to use life’s waves to
propel you according to plan. Most people have no idea about
 things, and rarely do they give them any thought.
But you must not be like that!

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You… You must take charge of your life and begin to captain your
vessel. Set your goals, define for yourself an Ultimate Definite
and learn to step towards success with each day,

worried only about the task at hand, because when you plan your
destination, and understand your journey, today’s undertakings
 keep you on course for your destination tomorrow. Taking
each day in
 stride allows you clear vision, efficiency, and purpose.

So understand, that on this Road To Wealth, you have
decisions to make.

You’re here, most likely, because you’re looking for answers. You
 a desire to improve. You may not know exactly how, or what
must be done,
 but you are searching, and that is a great place to
start. Let me teach
 you the foundations of success and you will be

Success is a simple structured discipline practiced daily. It’s easy
 do, but also easy not to do. You must first build your foundation
 success, and then you can build any structure you like upon it,
and it
 will stand. These basic principles will give you your start. As
 desire, search through our site, our blog posts, and our
offerings, and
 you will find all you need to know on these ideas,

– For Things In Life To Change, You’ve Got To Change

– Learn To Invest In Yourself

– Become More Than You Are. You can earn more than you
currently do, because you can become more than you currently are.

– You Have A Right To Be Rich.

– You Have All Potential And Are At No Disadvantage or
Advantage Compared To Anyone Else.

– Success Is Like A Natural Law. It Is Neutral, caring neither
   who you are or where you come from. If you do certain things in
a certain way, you will become successful.

– The Steps To Success Are Available To All Who Would
Seek Them Out And Put Them Into Daily Practice.

Learn The Foundations Of Success!

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