The Reason Why Businesses Fail

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The reason why businesses fail is because people are so caught up working IN their business that they never work ON their business. They get burned out, can never grow enough to stabilize, and their plans fail.

It all comes down to thinking. One good idea implemented well, and consistent, can change your life and bring all of the success you ever desired.

The reason why businesses succeed is because people are able to spend time working ON their business. It’s hard to build this structure at first, especially if you are going at it alone, but the sooner you can implement a structure where work gets done and you can work ON your business rather than IN your business, you will find success because there is no stopping innovation. If you are able to consistently think about the work you currently do, and how to improve it, and then set about improving that work, developing processes, programs, structures, etc… and continue to repeat this process, you will always succeed. Your business will grow, your income will increase, your lifestyle will change, and you will rarely be bogged down by life and work.

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Think about the hardest worker you know. How are they doing in life? Are they rich and powerful and successful? Or are they struggling, always stressed out, always too busy? You see, their intentions are good. They’ve got their heart in the right place, but they may never make it out alive. Now don’t you know someone who doesn’t work half as hard, and yet has 2, 3, or even 10 times the income of the hard worker? And what’s more, they always seem to have free time for fun and adventure. Well there’s a principle here, and I don’t want you to miss it.
Success doesn’t take grueling hard work. It takes smart work. And if you can combine the two there’s no telling what you could make of yourself. Oftentimes we see this as a travesty, that one man could spend his life working so very hard to earn a living and just barely scrape by; and that another man can play his days away and become rich? Why, we cry and scream and fuss about this stuff all the time don’t we? We see it as an injustice. But you’ve got to stop looking at it that way. An injustice it may be, in some circumstance, but the reality is that it’s just not the way the world works. It’s not! So don’t think that it should work that way.
The man who is bogged down by work, always struggling to pay bills and make his wages will rarely succeed if he doesn’t pull his head out of his work, look around, and actively THINK about ways to improve his situation, and then set on to accomplish his ideas. He may have a flash of genius here or there, he may get inspired once in awhile, but he’s too busy to act. He’s so tied up making a minimum wage that he can never put his time to use in order to build a better life for himself. Whereas the man who learns to relax, to think, to take it a little bit easier, carves out for himself a nice living because he has time to think through his problems and act upon them to continuously improve his circumstances.
If you find yourself just barely scraping by, hardly able to pay your bills, you’ve got to do something different. You can’t pay your bills on $8.00 an hour your whole life. You Can’t! So you’ve got to work hard, yes… but you’ve got to think harder. You’ve got to keep your eyes open for the next opportunity that comes your way, and when it does, you’ve got to take it as fast as you possibly can. You’ve got to act, and improve your situation, and increase your wage to something manageable. Don’t ever let yourself get stuck in a quality of life that you are not comfortable or happy in. Period.
If you know you need more money, then you best go find a way to get paid more money, or to earn more money your own way. And if you lack the necessary skills to increase your paycheck, then you better go work harder on yourself than you do on your job.
Working on your job will earn you wages, and hey, wages are good. But working hard on yourself will earn you a fortune, and a fortune is better. Jim Rohn taught me that. Profits are better than wages. Find a way to earn a profit. Go to work full time on your job, and part time on your fortune. Until you can earn enough with your fortune that you can quit your job and move full-time into your passion if need be.

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But I want you to take this principle and think upon it. You see, Napoleon Hill taught us that you must THINK and GROW RICH. Now when you consider your own situation, be honest. Are you in a position where even if you worked 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, you would get to the end of the month, pay your bills, and HAVE to do it all over again just to scrape by again? If so, then you’ve got to change, and you better change quick.
You better come up with a plan to move up in positions, to get paid more, to earn more. Or you better find a way to work part-time on your fortune, or you will be destined to forever focus on your job, working your life away accompanies with stress, fatigue, and heartache.

Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job.

Now if you want to explore some opportunities for earning your own fortune, I’ve got a list of them on this website that I think are some of the best options for building your own passive online business. They don’t all pay out right away, and yes, they all require hard work and ingenuity, but they can be some of the best programs to invest your time and effort into, because they will not only teach you valuable skills for all of your future pursuits, but if done right, and if persisted upon, can pay you a fortune.
Consider well every opportunity you pursue, and make sure that when you settle upon a target, you go after it with relentless determination. There are a million ways to make a million dollars, and there are a million reasons why people fail at each of those opportunities every day. They give up too soon, they don’t have the focus to persist and to learn, or they want it easier.
Well I’m here to tell you that success is easy, but it doesn’t come easy. Success is a habit, and a foundation of simple disciplines repeated daily, but it takes hard work to make yourself that “successful” person that you want to be.
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So go check out the opportunities, and browse the rest of these blog posts to find something that you could see yourself doing, and then go do it with full determination, and don’t stop until you squeeze it for every last dollar.

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