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What Are The Foundations Of Success?

     As we set off on this journey together, I will teach you the Foundations of Success and help walk you through a series of what I have come to understand, are the crucial foundations for becoming successful and gaining wealth. I have developed, over the last two years of study, research, and application, a full guide that has not only changed my life around, but if given the chance can also change your’s. I’ve labeled this highly valuable program the “Foundations Of Success,” because it contains what I believe to be the most crucial and foundational ideas, concepts, and principles that you absolutely need to understand and apply in order to truly achieve Success in your life.
Below is a summary of Foundation #3 “Personal Development.”
The Foundations Of Success course I’ve created is extensive in it’s value, simple in it’s approach, strategic in it’s knowledge, and easily accessible to you. All you have to do is follow a link and your life could change in an instant.
And I know that life is daunting, and change is hard, so should you desire to first get a taste of what the Foundations of Success are all about, I’ve created these short blog posts to give you some key insights into what you’ll learn in each Foundation of Success within the program.
Read to your heart’s content and follow each post to gain a preliminary understanding. This information alone can do wonders for your life. But should you choose to be serious about changing your life, improving your current situation, and beginning your journey on the path to riches, the full scope of the Foundations Of Success is always available to you here.

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Personal Development – Foundations Of Success 3

3) Personal Development

Getting out of your Comfort Zone:
Personal Development is all about breaking free of your current comfort zone. Your comfort zone will eventually kill you. The goal then, is to break free, to be strengthened by that process of breaking free in order to face the new world and it’s new potential, and then to stretch, to persist, and to experience new growth. Break free from your current comfort zone and you will soon realize that an endless world of possibilities awaits you in your life.

If you really want to make something happen, you’ve got to make it happen every day:
Success comes from repeated and continuous positive action. You’ve got to develop certain “Success Habits” in your life, making certain things you do part of your subconscious routine.
Make up your mind that when you get up in the morning, that you’re going to do it better today than you’ve ever done it before. Today will be a day of improvement and building. You’re not only going to do it better than the day before, but today you’re going to do it the best way! You’re going to do it in a certain way.
But what you should also realize is that while the certain way is the best way for now, there’s always still a better way. What’s best today is not necessarily best tomorrow. Its’ always changing, and there’s always an opportunity for improvement and growth. So you have to keep looking. You have to keep improving.

Self Education:
A formal education earns you a job. Self-education earns you a fortune. Formal education will earn you wages, but self-education will make you rich. This does not belittler formal education… where else would you start! But just don’t stop there.

Life change doesn’t start or end with motivation or inspiration. Life change starts with education. It is carried by motivation and inspiration. And if you don’t education yourself on your desires and goals, you’ll quickly burn out with little more than a memory of the things you wished to accomplish. Indeed, Education is the great spark that ignites all flames. Inspiration, then, is the wind that fans it, and motivation is the kindling it devours.

Never be stuck with wind and wood but no spark.

The Driving Forces Of Labor:
“Wisdom, not invested in labor, is wasted. Faith, not invested in labor, is wasted.”

Set A Goal To Become A Millionaire:
Set a goal to become a millionaire. Not for the money, but for what it will make of you in order to become a millionaire.
If you want to be successful, you’ve got to set goals that will stretch you and make you worthy of all of your dreams. You’ve got to deserve your dreams if you ever hope to achieve them.

The Great Law: 
Success is something that you attract by the person you become. It’s not something you pursue. It’s something that pursues you when you become the right kind of person.
Therefore, seek to become the right kind of person. Do certain things in certain ways, and do them consistently, even daily. Be a successful person even before you find success, and success will find you. This is the great law.

Dealing With Circumstances:
Circumstances don’t make the man, they simply reveal him to himself.
It’s not your problems that define you, it’s how you deal with them. Likewise, it’s not your position in life or the circumstances surrounding you in the present that form your true identity. How a person chooses to handle all circumstances, scenarios, and problems is the true identity of a man. A man could be facing great challenges and problems today, and maybe not look like much on the outside to the world because of his scenario, but how he chooses to handle and overcome those problems is the true measure of his identity. He is therefore not defined by his circumstances, but rather by his inner drive, discipline, and knowledge.
If you are struggling in life, realize that you are only defined by your current circumstances if you relent to them and give up in despair. But if your will is to go on, and become more than you are, then you should set your definition in who you WILL Become, not in who you currently are.

Finding Success:
He who seeks, finds.
In order to find, you must search. Life reserves it’s treasures for those who deserve it, not for those who need it.

You’ve got to study. If you want to figure something out, study it. If you want to be happy, study happiness. If you want to be successful, study success. If you want to be wealthy, study wealth.
Figure it out, put effort into studying it. You’ve got to study. Most people walk through their life with their fingers crossed, hoping. No! You’ve got to study. You’ve got to learn, and you’ve got to apply what you learn. Remember, for things to change, you’ve got to change. If you want things to be different in your life, you’ve got to make some change to make it different. Rarely, if ever, does it just happen by accident, does life get better merely by chance.

Our lives are most affected by the way we think things are. Not by the way they actually are.

It’s not what you get that makes you valuable as a person, it’s what and who you become. It’s who you are, it’s the values you develop, its the skills and knowledge you develop. Don’t sell out in getting there, just to get things. Don’t give up on your principles or values and morals. Those things are what make you valuable as a human being. Anyone can earn money, or buy nice things, but not everyone will be amazing, not everyone will be great. You can be though. Devote yourself to that.
Set goals that will make something of you.

There are winners, there are losers, and there are some people that just haven’t figured out how to win yet. And all they need is a little guidance, a little coaching, and a little knowledge. No man should be left in poverty or hopelessness because he doesn’t know how to succeed.

Self Worth:
There’s a big concept about self-worth that we all must learn. Successful people tend to have a very high image of themselves, a very high feeling of self-worth. This is because adding value to the world around you and having a sense of purpose are two of the biggest leading factors to happiness in life.
Successful people know that they have potential, and they know that they can succeed; they know they are capable. They believe in themselves, even when they have nothing to show for it at the moment. They know who they are, they know that they are capable, and they believe in themselves completely.

Hang in there when the only reward is your belief in yourself. Realize that the value is in the doer, not the deed. Give your best self to all that you do.

Constant Repair and Innovation:
You absolutely must repair life, or it will decay. Constantly.
So think on this. If you aren’t growing, you’re dying. If you aren’t getting better, you’re getting worse. This is a natural law that governs our universe and everything in it. The Second Law of Thermodynamics. The universe tends toward high entropy.

Are you innovating? This is a big question to ask yourself. Each year the world innovates itself. You have access to your mind, a gold mine. One idea can make you rich. Many good ideas can drive you forward and improve your work by leaps and bounds. And ideas are free. It is the way of the world that inventions are constantly improved upon with each consecutive year. The car will be better next year than it is right now. Ideas move progress forward, which is why we see such an exponential increase in innovation and technology in recent years. So ask yourself, are you innovating? If you continue to move at the pace you currently are, what will you be earning next year? What will you wear in the year after that? Will you be staying the same, or will you be constantly and continuously improving your processes? Ideas are free. Come up with good ideas to improve the way you do things and the results that you can get by doing them. Always be innovating, especially individually.

Life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change.

Life was not designed to give you what you want. Life was designed to give you what you deserve. The good news is, there’s a God of grace that tends to give you what you need. But what about getting what you want? You’ve got to earn that. You’ve got to work for that. That’s extra on the menu, and we were built to work for it and appreciate it.
People are like ships.
Earl Nightingale told us that a full 95% of people are like ships without rudders, being tossed to and fro by every change in tide, every shift in wind, every wave at sea. And that is life. We all face the changing of the tide, the shifting of the wind, the waves that rock our lives. But most people drift aimlessly through life, hoping at some point that they may land in a rich port somewhere. But Earl Nightengale said that for every 1 mile of narrow port entrance, there are 1000 miles of rocky coastland.
5% of people in the world experience unusual success. The other 95% are fine with average. But if you learn to set your sail and steer your rudder, you can experience success yourself. In fact, it is the only way to be sure. You’ve got to plan your journey, know your destination, and actively/intentionally make corrections to your course along the way.
Since we are in the habit of comparing people to ships, I invite you to think about a Port of Call. Ask any caption where their next landing will be, and they can tell you. They cannot see their destination, it’s not right in front of them, but they know exactly where they will be headed next, which port of call they will land in, and how they are going to get there. The captain understands that while it may not be visible for 98% of their trip, they know that if they just simply do certain things consistently, they will be sure to arrive exactly where they have set as their destination point.

Problem Solving:
Successful people are not people without problems, they are people who have learned to solve their problems. Getting what you want from life is a matter of learning to solve the problems that stand between where we currently are, and where we want to be in life.

Success is like Fire:
You see, success is like fire. Don’t focus on the cold and wish there was warmth. Focus on building your fire, fanning the flames, and adding more and more wood. Focus on the results and the benefit. Do Not focus on the lack. The man who tries to build a fire and can only think about how cold it is, will never experience the warmth. He will lose hope too quickly and give up, because the cold is only dispelled by a great fire. Until the flames are raging, the cold will overwhelm. He will see a flicker of flame and demand warmth from it, more than it is capable of producing, and in his demanding, he will forget that it is he who must feed the flame.

By now, I hope that you have a new perspective on personal development. It’s not the weak that need self-help and personal development, but rather it’s the successful who crave it. The desire to better one’s self is the mark of greatness. Those who think they are better than it, or above seeking advice and motivation from others, are doomed to sort out all of life’s problems on their own. That’s a long, hard, and lonely road to pursue, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.
Find your own brand of motivation and inspiration, but take heed that you are getting all of the knowledge you need, and not just pinning yourself to a limited circle and thinking that you are growing wise.

In order for things in life to change, you’ve first got to change yourself. When you learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job, and realize that investment in yourself will bring you all of the success, wealth, and riches you can desire, you have truly begun the path of Personal Growth and Development.
You are the presiding commander of your vessel in life. It is you who is in charge, to make decisions in life, to steer your course and make corrections. Personally, I believe that God is the King, who has given you your purpose and laid out your voyage, but it is you who has been placed in charge and care of arriving at the destination, the port of call. Your route has been planned, and you will get urges and promptings along the way, but it is ultimately you who must be capable to set your sail, to use the wind, the waves, the changing of the tide, and who must know how to set the rudder arrive at your Port of Call. It’s your responsibility to maintain the seaworthiness of your vessel, to repair damages and maintain upkeep. To neglect this in life is to sail through rough waters, merely hoping you can hold together and stay afloat. But the man who pilots a sturdy vessel fears no wave.
The wind that blows is not the directing force that brings you to your destination, it is merely the tool that you must learn to use in order to drive yourself to where you wish to go. Learn to set your sail and correct your course. By understanding your path, and your vessel, you can simply do a few things, consistently, every day, and be certain you will arrive at your port of choice, even if you cannot see it yet on the horizon.
Maintain an attitude of continuous learning. If you apply yourself to new knowledge with frequency, you will never cease to grow. By gaining new perspectives and new processes, you will be better equipped to complete any plan of your desire. Formal Education will earn you a living, and on top of that, Self Education will earn you a fortune.
Study all things that you wish to pursue. Build your confidence and self-worth, provide value to those around you, and never expect to get without first giving. If you learn to solve life’s problems, rather than flee from them, you will find that you are built for success.
The next Foundation of Success is Having a Positive Mental Attitude, and Controlling Your Thoughts. We become what we think about, most of the time. And you’ve got to learn to identify your thoughts, to think about what you think about. By doing this, and learning to set your thoughts on the right outcomes, the right perspectives, you will learn to easily become Successful as well as to avoid many traps and bogs in life that would slow you down and hold you back.

Learn The Foundations Of Success

By this point I’m sure you’re intrigued and wondering what else there is to know that can help you live the life you have always desired.
If you’d like to go further in depth with this principle and others like it, and better understand it, I’ve prepared a program for you called The Foundations Of Success.
In it you will learn all of the fundamentals of “How To Become Successful,”  and what it takes to get Rich. Let the Foundations Of Success program assist you on your Road To Wealth.
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