People Will Rise And Fall To Meet Your Expectations

People Will Rise And Fall To Meet Your Expectations

people will rise and fall to meet your expectations - how to be successful managing business

One of the best realizations you can make as an entrepreneur is that your attitude towards people actually affects the way they perform for you.
Have a negative attitude and you’re sure to get negative results 80% of the time. Have a positive attitude, however, and you will consistently get better results from those you are working with.

People tend to rise and fall to meet your expectations of them.
This concept dawned on me when I was listening to a conversation between two friends. One was complaining to the other that he always got poor results from people he had hired or was working with. I heard him say that he always expected the worst from people because nobody seemed to do things right and he always had headaches from trying to manage them.
The other friend listened for a minute and then after a brief pause I heard him say, “Hmmm… That’s interesting. I always go into every situation expecting the absolute best in people.” This friend, of course, tended to have less headaches and frustrations when dealing with others, and it was obvious.
This conversation made me wonder just what the difference was between the two people and their outcomes. One was always frustrated, and getting negative results, and thus he always expected people to act and deliver poor results. He had low expectations, and I couldn’t help but think maybe it’s a self-perpetuating cycle. Expect people to perform poorly, and they’ll be sure to meet your expectations.
My other friend goes into situations with a positive attitude, and expects people to deliver their best. He doesn’t criticize or put unreal expectations, but he builds people up and encourages them to hit a high bar or expectation. He tends to always get pretty good and positive results. Could this too be a self-perpetuating situation? Expect the best from people and inspire them, and they will rise to meet your expectations?

Looking further into the matter, both in my own life, and in many examples from day to day experiences, it seems to be relatively true that people will indeed almost always rise or fall to meet your expectations of them.

Therefore, seek to develop a more positive attitude, a more abundant heart towards people and the world. Take the extra time and care to love people and believe in them. Set high expectations, but do it from a place of belief and encouragement, not doubt and frustration.
The way you approach and treat people will have a profound effect on the results you get from them.
It seems like a straight-forward, simple concept, and yet it’s so easy to become jaded after a few negative situations, and if you don’t play defense, and guard your virtues and values tightly, they can swiftly get swept up in external circumstances without you ever realizing it.

Hold a high regard for people. Hire well. Always seek to encourage and inspire others to do their best. Set a high bar of expectation, but do so by casting a positive vision and believe in others to hit that mark. Help them see your belief and they won’t want to let you down.

The most productive work environments I’ve ever witnessed or personally cultivated have come from casting a wide-positive vision and encouraging everyone to hit those marks.

See how this can change things for you.

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