Necessity Breeds Innovation

Necessity Breeds Innovation Far More Than Passion Does.

Necessity breeds innovation

In life and in business, it’s often the struggles that we face which propel us to the next level of achievement and accomplishment. It’s human nature for us to wish to avoid struggle and strife, and yet often, these are the very things which build strength, character, and cause us to grow. Without hardship, what would become of us? What would life be?
It is all about perspective and how we face life’s challenges that shape us to be the men and women that we are. If we can learn to take our struggles standing up, we can develop great character, an iron will to be better in adversity, and indeed because of it, and confidence to dominate life.
In light of this, it is adversity and necessity that often breed the deepest forms of innovation in a man’s life. Passion is great, and many a person has built a great business on passion, but passion only carries us so far. It is those times when we struggle, when we hit a wall, and when we are faced with a great choice… Innovate or die, figure it out or throw in the towel, find breakthrough or collapse… it is in those very times that real progress is made and we push through the wall to new heights. The greatest progress in life is forced by necessity, because it is in these times that we face ourselves, staring at our reflection in a mirror, and we ask, what kind of man am I? Will I rise to meet this challenge, or will I crumble under its weight? Am I a Man… or a Mouse?
A man or woman of any worth in this life will learn to dig deep, to rise up, to unleash the depths of their potential and find a way through any adversity. That is a trait that can only be learned from necessity, and indeed, while passion is an amazing tool, the heights of potential can never been reached by passion alone.
Stretch yourself. Grow. Experience need, and see where it takes you.


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