Morning Ritual And Routines Of Highly Successful People

Morning Ritual And Routines Of Highly Successful People

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Welcome to Lifestyle Billionaire Club. In this post we’re going to be discussing the Morning Habits Routines and Rituals of Highly Successful People and take a look at how they put themselves in a peak state for high performance and achievement.

When it comes to success and wealth, the first thing you should realize is that Success leaves clues. This simply means that if you want to become “Successful” (a term that needs clarification and definition in each person’s own mind), then you need only to look at those people you deem to be successful and discover what habit, routines, and processes they have in their lives for achieving the results that they consistently have.

By studying great men and women of high status and high accomplishment one thing that frequently shows itself across the board is that most successful people have developed for themselves a morning routine or morning ritual that prepares them for the day.
While each person has his or her own set of steps they follow, there are indeed some common practices among all routines, and the goal of this post is to both expose you to those commonalities, as well as empower you to form and build your own routine, specific to your life, goals, and needs.

The Necessity Of A Morning Ritual

As I delved into the lives of millionaires, multi-millionaires, billionaires, and highly successful men and women, I began to notice that many of them spoke about what they called the Golden Hour of the Day. This “Golden Hour” was between the hours of 5am and 6am, and they likened it to the time of day where the magic happens. In their perspective, waking up at 5am was the most beneficial thing a person could do to start their journey to success. At this time of day, the world is asleep and you are able to devote time to yourself, before the demands of the day take hold and do their best to pull you and sway you this way and that.
The objective of the 5am club is to allow yourself time, first thing in the morning, to devote to your own development and state for the day. By allowing yourself at least an hour to focus on your needs, your growth, your vision for the day, you can put yourself in a peak state of mental, physical, and spiritual performance, ensuring that you will OWN your own day.
This first hour, the “Golden Hour,” is where a successful person employs his/her morning ritual… a carefully constructed routine and process that builds on a persons success habits. In a morning routine, a person will ideally perform some or all of the following steps:
1) Express Gratitude:
– Smile: This simple exercise actually improves a person’s mood and psyche.
– Thank God for the day and the chance to better your’s and others lives
– Think about what you have and are thankful for: This puts you in a place of abundance rather than lack and need.
– Remember your family and friends: You will understand that life is more than yourself, your needs, your immediate bubble.
2) Drink Water:
– It is important to replenish your body and get hydrated.
3) Stretch and Do a Minimum 30 minutes of Physical Exercise
– Exercising first thing in the morning will put your body in motion and make it easier to be disciplined throughout the day.
– This also boosts your energy and keeps you healthy for a maximized day and life.
– Exercise also boosts self confidence, endorphines, and elevates one’s position.
4) Read for 20 Minutes
– This ensures that you will always be learning and always be growing.
– You should choose a subject that will advance your skills in your industry, or further your understanding of Personal Development, Finances, Wealth, Success, Business, Entrepreneurship, etc…
5) Plan Your Day:
– Don’t start your day until you have finished your day. Always plan your tasks and priorities so that you can stay on track and work from a plan.
– This allows you to be proactive toward your goals rather than reactive toward the needs, cares, and worries of the day.

By developing your own morning ritual and following it daily, you will ensure that you accomplish more in a day than you may have otherwise accomplished in a week or a month.
This is the first stage of discipline and self-motivation.

I learned to form my Morning Ritual, which you can see the video below, by watching inspiring mentors talk about their’s and others’ routines. Some of these men were:
Stefan Pylarinos from Project Life Mastery.
Robin Sharma
Brian Tracy

My Morning Routine and Success Habits:


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Dore Aesthetics

How And Why I Wake Up At 5AM Every Day:

Inspirational Morning Rituals / Morning Routine Videos:

Watch the following Videos to get a full understand of how top men and women structure their days and plan their mornings.
If you can learn to become proactive in your life, running each day the way you want too rather than simply reacting to all of the urgencies and needs of the day that other people impose on you, you can get so much more done. The goal of every entrepreneur and top man or woman should be to become highly discipline, highly effective, and highly efficient when necessary. We’re not talking about becoming robots, but simply having the ability and strength to accomplish what you set out to accomplish in the amount of time that you need to accomplish it in. This is a basic task that most people aren’t even close to being capable of accomplishing for themselves. Learning to manage your time and starting each day with a plan, high energy, and focus will set you apart from 97% of the world.
Enjoy these videos and let me know what main points stick out to you.

Stefan Pylarinos – Morning Ritual Project Life Mastery:

Project Life Mastery – Stefan Pylarinos’ New Morning Success Ritual:

How To Wake Up Early And Join The 5AM Club – Limitless North:

How To Wake Up Early – Robin Sharma:

Daily Habits Of Successful People – Brian Tracy:

Erik Thomas’s Morning Success:

I hope these inspire you and help you develop a Morning Routine and Morning Ritual in your own life that you can use to push you onward toward your goals and dreams.
Get out and own the day!

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