how to make a video go viral on youtube 2019

8 Simple Steps: How To Make A Video Go Viral On Youtube 2019

How to make a video go viral on youtube.

make a video go viral on youtube 2019

How exactly can you make a video go viral on youtube in 2019? Let’s face it, things have changed on youtube. They just switched their partner program to de-monetize all channels with less than 1000 subscribers and 40,000 minutes of watch time, making it more important than ever to understand just how to create a viral video sensation with your channel.
If you ever want to reach 1000 subscribers on youtube, you better start paying attention to what works.

In this video I discuss 8 simple steps that you can implement which will greatly increase your chances of getting your video to go viral on youtube in 2019.

I’ll give you a clear-cut strategy to make a video go viral on youtube, but first, let me give you perhaps the strongest element which you can begin using on your youtube channel to get more subscribers, engagement, and attention.

Does Clickbait Work To Make A Video Go Viral On Youtube?

This useful strategy is called a Feat! It stands for Feat of Strength and involves making large, bold claims in your video title and thumbnail that entice your potential audience to click on your video. Yes its a little click baity, but it works to make a video go viral on youtube.
You want to identify areas of controversy, debate, or great interest on youtube and insert yourself into the discussion with eye-catching headlines that will draw people in.
In a sense, you’re creating click bait, although never intentionally misleading people.

How To Make A Video To Go Viral On Youtube In 2019

Alright, so let’s get to it. I’m going to outline the exact steps required to create a viral video on youtube in 2019, I’m going to prove those steps by taking this video and making it viral, and I’m going to show you how you can do it with your channel as well.
First things first however, I’ll need your participation in 4 key areas. Read on…

Audience Participation To Make A Video Go Viral

Having your audiences’ participation on your potentially viral video is key first and foremost. So that’s why I’ve asked you to take part in this process with me. In essence, I need your help and can’t do it alone.
1) I need you to leave a comment and begin a discussion on this video.
2) I need you to do me a favor and “like” this video, or give it the thumbs up.
3) Next please subscribe to the Limitless North youtube channel from this video
4) and lastly, please watch this video all the way to the end, creating a high view retention rate.
If you’ll do those four things for me, I’ll do the rest and show you how to make a video go viral on youtube in 2019

How Do You Create A Viral Video?

So how exactly do you create a viral video and find success on youtube?
These 8 simple steps will give you the foundation you need to get thousands or even millions of views on your video and channel. And let me tell you, the more you plan this out and take your time properly structuring your content, the more well off you’ll be in the long run.

Watch My Video That Explains How To Create A Viral Video Hit

Making A Viral Video: Identify Area Of Interest

So first, you want to identify an area of interest on youtube that people are actively talking about, discussing, engaging in, and overall showing a great deal of interest in.
If you make a video about something you are interested in, but nobody else seems to be searching for that exact thing, you’re not going to get much attention. So identify a specific topic, and the keywords that are being searched for surrounding that issue. Once you have that information, you’re ready to begin making your first viral video.
For this experiment, I’ve chosen the topic “How To Make A Video Go Viral On Youtube In 2019,” because I know people will be searching for that topic.

Making A Viral Video: Eye Catching Thumbnail

1) Eye Catching Thumbnail:
– I’ve created an eye catching and interesting thumbnail for this video. Yes, it’s a hot chick, so it’s a little cheap, but sometimes you’ve got to just go for attention. Again, clickbait.
So tell me, did it work? Did you click on my youtube video because of the thumbnail?
You know that every single view you get on your video helps lead to a viral hit and help you make a viral video on youtube.
Check out the thumbnail here and see the elements I’ve included to create intrigue:
make a video go viral on youtube 2019

Making A Viral Video: Strong Video Title

2) Have A Strong And Specific Video Title:
– What is your video about? What specifically will people learn from watching your video? Why exactly are they going to click on your video? What’s in it for the audience.
– In my video, I’m literally performing a test to see if I can get my new video to go viral on youtube. And so I’m specifically mentioning: 8 simple steps and strategies that you can implement to get your video to go viral on youtube in 2018.

Making A Viral Video: Intrigue Them With Your Thumbnail

3) Have A Catchy Phrase On Your Thumbnail:
– It’s great that you have an eye catching and enticing thumbnail and a strong title. These are two areas that will immediately help grab a potential viewers attention and strengthen your video views. But now you want to create a third point of attention and attraction. Use your thumbnail to add an extra phrase that shows what your video is about, what your audience will learn, and make it different than but related to the title. You don’t want to repeat your title here, but rather further the idea and sell your audience on the information you’ll be providing. Answer a question for them, declare the problem you’ll solve, give them a solution, evoke an emotion.
– My particular phrase is: “Do These 8 Things And Watch Your Video Go Viral.” Do you see how I’m showing my audience the solution they’re looking for? Now if someone is looking for a way to create a viral video, they know they’ll learn 8 specific steps on how to do that.

Making A Viral Video: Organic Keywords To Make A Video Go Viral

4) Include Your Keywords Organically In A Long Video Description:
– Now the next thing that you want to do is write a lengthy video description, detailing what your video is about. And you want to include your video’s keywords in this description as many times and as organically as possible. You don’t want to flood it with it repetitively, but write a good, thorough description of your video and include your keywords wherever they make sense. This will give youtube the chance to scrape your description and find your video keywords in it, identifying what your video is about, and giving you a greater chance of being discovered for those keywords. The more relevant your video is to a topic, the more likely your video is to go viral.
*Do you see what I just did there? ☺ Now I could have written, “The more relevant your video is to a topic, the more likely your video is to go viral on youtube in 2019,” but that would have been a bit redundant.
*See, I just did it again ☺

Making A Viral Video: Naming Your Video File

5) Name Your Video File With Your Keyword And Video Title:
– Make sure that when you export and save your video file after editing, you actually label it something relevant to your keyword or video title. This again provides metadata for the search engines to identify relevance to your subject. Each unique step that you successfully accomplish helps you get closer to make a video go viral in 2019.

Making A Viral Video: Engagement, Engagement, Engagement

6) Encourage Engagement On Your Videos:
– Make sure that you find ways to convince your viewers to engage with your video. The more they like, comment, and subscribe to your channel from a particular video, the more relevant that video becomes and the more likely you are to create a viral video on youtube. And since youtube loves engagement, it’ll begin promoting your video even more.
– You want to find ways to be very conversational in your videos. Talk with your audience, ask them questions, and have them share their answers with you in the comments on your video.

Making A Viral Video: Watch Time And Viewer Retention

7) Encourage Users To Watch Until The End:
– Now you want to make sure your viewers all watch until the end of your potentially viral youtube video. The higher view retention a video has, the more youtube realizes it’s a relevant, high-quality video on whatever topic you’ve title it for.
– If you can promise your viewers that you’ll deliver something they’ll want at the end of your video, you can keep them watching longer.
– In this video, I’ve set it up as a test to prove a process to creating a viral video. So the enticing part of my viewers watching until the end is that if they do, it’ll increase the chances of this video going viral in 2018.

Making A Viral Video: Relevant Feats And Controversy

8) Do Feats That Are Relevant To Highly Searched Or Controversial Topics:
– We’ve already talked about this step, but in essence, you want to break the norm for your channel and do as many click bait videos as you can to get a broader audience coming to your channel. Do what you can to build your audience before you just pump out hundreds of videos in a row. Prove your strategy to build an audience, gain 1000 subscribers, or get a video to become viral. Once you do the planning and execution numerous times, and you see that the strategy works, you’ll have a much better chance of building a thriving youtube channel.

Making A Viral Video: Summary

And that’s basically it. If you will do these steps you have a very good chance of creating a viral hit on youtube and getting well on your way to 1000 subscribers so that you can re-monetize your channel. The more ways you can make a video go viral on youtube, the more likely you are to have a thriving and successful channel.
Good luck!

How To Be Successful As A Young Entrepreneur

I did another post back in 2018 on to show how to make a video go viral on youtube then. It’s very similar and not much has changed, but the idea is that when I created that post and video, I started getting tons of organic traffic through the post. So now I’m creating the same content for 2019 to keep driving organic traffic and make a video go viral again.
All of these little marketing tips and tricks go a long way to helping you become successful as a young entrepreneur and you’d do well to recognize the tactics I used in this and other posts.

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