Learning Success: Each Day is Either a Success or Failure

The Art of Mastering Your Day

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When Learning Success, it is of crucial importance to look at each day individually. It can get overwhelming to set a goal if you don’t know how to break that goal into small, achievable steps. One of the best ways to look at this is to set each day as it’s own benchmark on the road to achieving your goal. Each day has it’s own set of do’s and don’ts, priorities, and musts. If you can break your goal into small, attainable steps, and complete a piece of those steps each day, then achieving your goal no longer is a question of can or can’t, but simply when. You’ve set the road map, you’re working towards a destination each day, and now your goal that seemed so impossible, is easily accomplishable by simply walking toward it each day and accomplishing the next piece of the puzzle.
If you can have a success each day, and thus live each day successfully, you can achieve anything you set your mind too.

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Growing Beyond Your Current Scope

Begin to do what you can do where you are right now. You must do all that you can do where you are. You can advance only by being a larger than your present place. And you can only become larger than your present place by finishing everything you can possibly do in that place.
In other words you cannot grow to a larger place if you have left undone things that can be done where you presently are. No man is larger than his present place while leaving undone things that pain to his present place.
Every day is either a failure or a success. If every day is a failure you cannot get rich. If every day is a success you cannot fail to get rich. You make each day a success by doing everything you can do today and your present place. If you can, if you should, then do. If you could, if you should, and you don’t, then you are failing. But if you could, if you should, and you do… you will see success.
You have no way of knowing the combination of things that are working toward your good behind the scenes. You’re doing one task that is seemingly small, could open the doors of opportunity to so much. You neglecting to do the things that you are capable of doing today, could be holding you back in massive ways. In saying this, do not rush blindly into business do the greatest number of things in the shortest amount of time. Instead be efficient with your time each day. Do not overwork yourself and thus diminish your effectiveness in the long run. Do not scramble blindly on hundreds of tasks unless you can efficiently do them in an appropriate amount of time while still being well rested and well-rounded. Learn to be effective with your time and your day and your planning. By prioritizing and setting goals, and understanding efficiency, you can accomplish a great number of things each day and be so much more effective than someone who works hard but has no direction.


The Success or Failure of Each Task

Each task is in and of itself a success or failure. Do them effectively, do them well, do them consistently, and do them promptly. Organize your time, organize your schedule, organize your to-do list, and prioritize your goals. Accomplish the most important ones first and continue to accomplish the rest at an effective pace.
The cause of failure is doing too many tasks in an inefficient way. And likewise the cause of success is doing many tasks in an efficient way. If every task you do is done in an efficient manner, then your life must be a success. And indeed if you spend too much time doing tasks inefficiently you will not be a success but rather a failure.
Do, every day, all that you can do, that day. And do each task in an efficient way, holding in your mind your ultimate definite purpose while pursuing every task. Make sure that it is beneficial, make sure that it is necessary, make sure that it is effective.

If you can master this part of your life, you will be farther on the path of success than 90% of the population.

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