Know Your Goals

Know Your Goals

Have you written your goals down today? Do you know your goals, your life’s purpose, and what you truly want out of yourself?

Write Down and Know Your Goals

Today’s challenge is to write down your goals and to know your goals.
Now each day, as a successful entrepreneur, you should have your to-do list written out, as well as 3-4 priories that you want to accomplish to keep your day successful. But then take it a step further. Make sure that you write out your ultimate goals for yourself. It’s only when you stop and identify what you truly want out of life that that you can make sure you’re living well.

Do You Know Your Goals For Your Life?

Do you know your goals for your life? Write out your ultimate goals for your week, your month, your year, and your life. Understand where you’re trying to go, and what “living your best life” would look like for you.
If you do this, you can make sure that you are consistently always focused on the path and direction that you want to accomplish in life.
It’s easy to get wrapped up in your to-do list. It’s even easier to get swept side-to-side and tossed to-and-fro by the changing of the wind. We like to chase shiny objects, things that catch our attention and that we think we want. But if you truly think through what you want life to look like, the shiny object syndrome goes away. You’ve got to commit to a greater vision for your life, and when you do this, you stay the course.

Write Out Your Goals Today

So stop, and write out your goals today.
The more you know your goals the more likely you are to actually accomplish them.
I’m not just talking about your to-do list, which you should have written down to day. I’m not just talking about your priorities for work, which you should have identified, but I’m taking about your bigger goals, purposes, and vision that you want to accomplish in your life that you should be working to make happen here and now.

Knowing your goals could mean writing out your top 5, your top 20 or 100, or your top 2. It doesn’t matter how many, but you need to get clear on what you truly want from life. Napoleon Hill, in his famous book Think and Grow Rich, says that in order to be successful we need a burning desire and definiteness of purpose. This only comes from deep focus and concentration on a greater vision for our lives.

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What Kinds Of Goals To Make:

At any given time I have my top 100 goals written out for my life. These are comprised of:
– What I want to achieve and accomplish
– The adventures I want to have
– The money I want to make
– The people I want to be around
– What I want my relationships look like
– The impact I want to have
– The gifts I want to give
– The visions I want to create and accomplish for myself

If you know where you’re headed in life, you know your goals, your chances of getting there are so much higher. So write out and know your goals for your life.

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