How to start investing

How To Start Investing

how i started investing

How I got started Investing

I’ve got a fun and interesting story with how I got started in investing.
In this post I’ll walk you through my story, and hopefully shed some light on your situation if you’re wondering how to start investing, whether you have $100 or $100,000 to invest.

I own Elevated Clothing, and have been building my brand since I was 16. It seemed that every dollar I earned always went back into my company and I never had any extra for investing or growing wealth.
I always just thought that someday I’d earn enough from my company that I wouldn’t have to worry about investing. Or rather, I hoped.
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After a college, and a couple of years of living in Los Angeles, growing my brand, I realized that I needed to change my life. And if my life was going to change, I needed to change.
I began to learn everything I could about business, marketing, success, wealth building, etc… And what I walked away with was that I needed to be paying myself first… EVERY TIME.
I got a few key takeaways from the likes of T. Harv Ecker, Jim Rohn, and The Richest Man In Babylon. What I learned was that a percentage of everything I earned was mine to keep… forever, to build my wealth and my future fortune.
A decade of building my business and not paying myself first had left me with nothing in the bank and a business that required everything.
What would it have looked like if I had simply put aside 5, 10, or 15% of everything that I had earned over the years into a bank account that was strictly for building wealth?
I can tell you that there would have been a lot less stress in my life.
So I began to do just that. I opened up a bank account that was solely for investing, and I began to put a % of every dollar that I earned into that account.
I started with 1% and worked my way up monthly to 12.5%.
I wasn’t sure what to do with my new found money, but it was sure nice to look at.
I was always afraid of investing in stocks because of the barrier to entry. It seemed that the only way to make an E-trade account worthwhile was to have thousands of dollars to invest at a time, and you would need to pay a fee with every single transaction.
I was starting out with hundreds of dollars, not thousands… so how was I ever supposed to get started with investing? I didn’t even know what I was supposed to do when investing, let alone how to make it pay off. I wanted to play around, experiment, and learn things before going all in. But it didn’t seem like that was going to be easy to do through a traditional stock brokerage account.
Never the less, I ponied up. Getting started was better than waiting around.
I first invested in Quiksilver right after it had gone bankrupt. I could see that it was fluctuating up and down each day in a very predictable pattern, and my thinking was that if I could buy low and sell high each day, I could turn a consistent profit… Little did I know that day trading regulations would quickly halt my ability to do what I had planned.
I did however manage to make a few trades of a couple hundred dollars and earn anywhere between $10-$50 with each trade, despite the trading fees for buying and for selling.
But I knew that I couldn’t keep that up. I needed a new solution.
My brother had been investing in stocks for a couple of years at this point in time and was always telling me about an app called Robinhood that made it super easy for him to invest. They basically completely removed the barrier to entry as they are a completely FREE stock trading platform that charges Zero transaction or trading fees. And you can start with $10 even.
So I decided to give it a try.
I downloaded Robinhood on my phone and moved a couple hundred dollars over into the app to begin the trading process there.
I quickly fell in love.
Now I could begin moving my investment account money over to Robinhood whenever and wherever I wanted, in as little or as big of chunks as I pleased, and I could easily identify stocks that I wanted to invest in.
I would deposit $5 here and $100 there. And soon I watched my portfolio grow and diversify.
I finally had the ability to play around with investing and actually figure out what methods suited my personality best.
I’ve gone from day trading to buy and hold, to buying only dividend producing stocks, etc… I’ve had a lot of fun and learned a ton about investing in stocks, and the best part is that I can buy whenever I want and sell whenever I want, and make as much or as little profit as I desire at the time because I don’t have to worry about the trading fees that used to stop me from taking wins early.
To me, the $5 transaction fees made all the difference in the world.
I’ve been on Robinhood for a few years now and would highly recommend everyone looking to start out investing get an account.
If you want to give it a try, sign up through this link here: There’s A Free Stock Waiting For You
You will get a free stock (Worth between $2 and $200) and so will I just for signing up. And that’s a pretty cool perk.

robinhood free stock trading app

How To Start Investing In Cryptocurrency

bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

How I got started investing in cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Alt Coins

So now let’s talk about how to start investing in cryptocurrencies. After dialing in my stock trading, I took another tip from my brother. He had been investing in cryptocurrency with coinbase and was consistently talking about the price of bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin.
I, of course, knew hardly anything about cryptocurrency or blockchain technology, but was intrigued at the gains he was making and the fact that I was starting to see bitcoin becoming a buzzword in the media.
After traveling around Australia last summer, I finally got home to the United States and realized that I really wanted to get in on bitcoin while it was still on the cusp of everyone’s attention and starting to get a lot of traction.
I knew that with cryptocurrency the market was very volatile and unpredictable, but I believed that with so much attention on the new industry, there was only growth in its future. So I swiftly got the coinbase app and began to put small amounts of money into Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin each week.
I decided that any money I put into this industry was going to be considered gambling money. I didn’t know if I’d win or lose, I just wanted to play, so I only invested what I was fine losing.
Much to my amazement I soon watched my cryptocurrency accounts worth exceed and surpass my stock trading accounts’ worth.
I was having tons of fun, learning so much about investing, and making money doing it.
I then moved to investing in alt-coins through the Poloniex Exchange as well as began investing in a couple of ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) such as Universa and Storiqa.

If you want to get started investing in cryptocurrency, here’s a link to coinbase, and they’ll pay you a little bit just for signing up.

coinbase buy and trade cryptocurrencies litecoin bitcoin etherium

The future is wide open at this point and if I could leave you with one big takeaway from all of this, it would be to JUST GET STARTED. The sooner you begin investing and learning your own methods and processes, the sooner you will grow and build your wealth.
So start paying yourself first EVERY TIME with EVERY DOLLAR, and then use that money to invest and build real wealth.
It doesn’t matter how you do it, as much as it matters that you do it.
Go learn, put in some time and effort into understanding what you’re doing and the investments that you’re making, and have fun doing it. It’s a game changer.
Thanks for reading and good luck to you!
And if you want to better understand paying yourself first like I needed too (I heard it all the time and never had a clue how to actually do it) I’d like to share this video with you that explains my process.

The 12 Major Zurich Axioms For Investing

12 major zurich axioms used by generations of swiss bankers to build wealth. regulating risk and reward in investing. How to invest

How to start investing using the 12 axioms or guiding principles that generations of swiss bankers have used to build massive wealth

Since fully learning how to start investing, I’ve also been interested in how to better invest, how to develop investment strategies, and how to maximize my profits with investing.
I came across a unique set of principles for regulating risk and reward in investing called the Zurich Axioms. There are 12 major axioms that have been used by Swiss bankers to build wealth for generations, and upon discovering them I thought it would be wise to do a video teaching series on them.
If you’re interested in learning what made the Swiss so wealthy, watch the series here:

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