Is Hard Work The Answer – Working Smarter Not Harder

Is Hard Work The Answer – Working Smarter Not Harder

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Is Hard Work The Answer To Success?
We’ve all heard the phrase, “Work Smarter, Not Harder.” But do we really know how to apply that to our lives and our work? Most of us have some sort of half-hearted attempt at working smarter, and we call it good, but if we’re honest with ourselves we really believe that hard work goes the distance. If we work hard, we can play hard. If we work hard and put enough effort into our pursuits we’ll eventually be successful right? Doesn’t “Hard Work Pay Off?”

There’s a phrase I’ve been telling myself consistently to really help me shift my thinking. “Don’t Ever Work Harder Than You Think.”
What I mean by this is that indeed, hard work is a virtue, but it should only EVER follow hard thinking. Once we’ve spend an appropriate amount of time thinking through our pursuits and purposes, and identifying the absolute best route to take on them, we can then begin to apply hard work to that well thought out path.
And the key, then, is to consistently set aside time to apply additional thought to our progress and path. As we’re all very aware, things change consistently as we apply work, so we must continue to apply deep thought and strategy to our every changing scenarios.
Many people make the mistake of thinking about their path once, and then brashly rushing into their work with devotion and a bulldozer’s determination. But we need to think harder than we work.

If you can make this simple shift, to think harder than you work, to develop good “thought ethic” not just good “work ethic” you will see things change for you.

Study Napoleon Hill’s book “Think And Grow Rich,” and this idea will become crystal clear to you. Success always starts and ends with correct thought. Nail this trait and you will see better results than you could ever dream of.

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