How to grow a business, plan, purpose, pursuit, or goal

how to grow a business, plan, pursuit, purpose, or goal

How to grow a business, plan, purpose, pursuit, or goal

How is it that you truly grow your business, your purposes, your plans, and your goals?
How do you consistently grow everything that you’re trying to establish?
Sometimes we have a tendency to start something and then just sit back and check in on it, hoping that somehow it magically has grown, or hit the tipping point where it becomes self-sustaining and self-building. But the reality is that we often times quit working on our plans far before we need too, far before momentum kicks in. The ONLY time it is safe to sit back and watch a business or pursuit on auto-pilot is after it hits its momentum and begins to exponentially grow on it’s own, and until we see that progress we need to hold ourselves in discipline to continually and consistently add work, value, and action to our pursuits.

It’s in all of us to hope for success, but we need to shift our mentality from that of hoping, wanting, wishing, and waiting, to that of consistent and continuous action. When we realize that consistent action, even when small, will take us farther than sporadic action, even when large, we will quickly come to a success mind-set.
Consistency is the key to momentum, small, consistent actions over time. It’s far better to plan small actions done consistently, than large actions done occasionally.

Success is determined by what we consistently do, not by what we occasionally do. Therefore we need to look at all of our pursuits, our goals, our businesses, our plans, and our purposes through the lens of consistent action, and realize that there is a time limit to all success. If we can commit to consistently working on our goals day in and day out, we can be sure that we will find success for our pursuits. But until you master this mindset and dominate your desire to sit back and watch and hope, you’ll forever be wondering why your plans never seem to manifest the way you’ve desired them to be in your head.

Go formulate a plan for small consistent action. Once you learn to be consistent you can learn to scale up the effort and amount of action you take. That is when success truly kicks in and you’ll see your desired results pour into all that you do.

The key to success is consistency.


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