Foundations Of Success Video Teaching Series

Foundations Of Success Video Teaching Series

How can a young entrepreneur learn the Foundations Of Success and begin to experience amazing results, achievement, and accomplishments in their life, avoiding the struggle that most self-employed first time entrepreneurs experience, and instead propel themselves to the top of the food chain in business and social status?

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What are The Foundations of Success? What does it take to be wildly successful in this life, and how do you even define success? Is Success all about wealth and riches, accomplishment, social status, or impact? Is Success a destination or a journey? For many young entrepreneurs, Success is an elusive concept that seems reserved for a small few… and elite group that has the secrets to Success. In reality however, Success isn’t some closely guarded secret, but rather a series of simple habits and practices that are readily attainable by all, but practiced by so few. And thus, we see so very few people actually succeeding in life.
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Jim Rohn said it best, “What’s easy to do, is also easy not to do.”

Earl Nightengale defined success in this way:

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”

earl nightingale success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal

Success Is The Progressive Realization Of A Worthy Ideal

So if success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal, how then do we define a worthy ideal? In order to find success you’ll have to learn some very key, very crucial knowledge that will lead to the results that you desire from your life. Defining a worthy ideal means understanding how to set goals. And Goal setting is one of the foundations of success that is crucial to fully understand and master if you ever want to learn how to turn your dreams, hopes, wants, and wishes into reality.

For years I’ve been fully immersed in the world of Personal Development and have been perfecting my business and wealth building skills. I’ve made it my mission to begin to teach others how to believe that they have a right to be rich, to begin to define and understand success, and then to develop the habits skills, strategies, and techniques required to become a high achiever and experience success in life. I have an entire video teaching series devoted to the concept of the Foundations Of Success.

“Along My journey I’ve learned habits, tips, tricks, strategies, skills, and techniques that have made Success truly possible for me. If the knowledge I’ve gained can help shortcut your journey to Success as a young entrepreneur, then dive in. I’ve created a 30 part teaching series called The Foundations Of Success, and I’d love to share it with you.”

If I can help change even 1 person’s journey to wealth and success, then I’m doing my job well. The knowledge, skills, habits, routines, and strategies that I’ve developed in business and personal development along my journey have been life changing, and it’s my desire to share these 30 foundations of success with you to help shortcut your road to success.

Watch the video teaching series on The Foundations Of Success below:

The Foundations Of Success 1: You Have A Right To Be Successful

you have a right to be successful foundations of success you have a right to be rich

You Have A Right To Be Successful
The first Foundation of Success, and thus, the first step towards success in your life, is to believe and understand that you have the right to be successful. Many of us have limiting beliefs that we must first overcome in order to truly begin our path to wealth. We’ve been trained and conditioned, although not intentionally, to lose the game of wealth and success. We don’t think we deserve it, we don’t think it’s for us, and we sometimes even regard success and wealth in such a slight and unobservably negative light that we bypass it altogether without ever realizing why.

The Foundations Of Success 2: Understanding Success

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Understanding Success
You should now have a greater understanding of just what, exactly, Success is. Is it comforting or dreadful to realize that Success is not magic? Does that relieve you, to know that Success is already within you, and that you are fully capable? Does it help to know that there is no obstacle in your way to achieving Success other than yourself and the limits you yourself impose? Or does it terrify you that Discipline and Action play such a large role? Even larger still is Thinking.
Please don’t lose heart at understanding that Success is all dependent upon your action, discipline, and determination. It is for every man to live out their fullest potential, and that is a life truly well lived. Nothing is more rewarding or satisfying that experiencing the fruits of our labor, and with enough practice, you will learn to become addicted to your own success, caught up in a torrent of self-rewarding actions that provide greater and greater excitement, reward, and direction to your life. Discipline is in and of itself one of the most rewarding things we can develop, for to have discipline allows us to have life. When you begin to live a life more fully developed, you will see a great distance between what you may now see as imposing and daunting, and what you will soon see as one of the single most empowering ways to live your life.
This whole process starts with Personal Growth and Development. When you realize that your life isn’t in the place you want it to be, you begin to wonder about the answers. No longer do you have to succumb to hoping and wishing, but you will realize that for things in your life to change, you must change. And that change becomes a blessing, a thrill, and a reward in and of itself.
The next Foundation of Success is Personal Development, learning to work harder on yourself than you do on your job, and realizing that investment in yourself will bring you all of the success, wealth, and riches you can desire.

The Foundations Of Success 3: Personal Development

foundations of success, Personal Development, lifestyle billionaire club

Personal Development
By now, I hope that you have a new perspective on personal development. It’s not the weak that need self-help and personal development, but rather it’s the successful who crave it. The desire to better one’s self is the mark of greatness. Those who think they are better than it, or above seeking advice and motivation from others, are doomed to sort out all of life’s problems on their own. That’s a long, hard, and lonely road to pursue, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.
Find your own brand of motivation and inspiration, but take heed that you are getting all of the knowledge you need, and not just pinning yourself to a limited circle and thinking that you are growing wise.

In order for things in life to change, you’ve first got to change yourself. When you learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job, and realize that investment in yourself will bring you all of the success, wealth, and riches you can desire, you have truly begun the path of Personal Growth and Development.
You are the presiding commander of your vessel in life. It is you who is in charge, to make decisions in life, to steer your course and make corrections. Personally, I believe that God is the King, who has given you your purpose and laid out your voyage, but it is you who has been placed in charge and care of arriving at the destination, the port of call. Your route has been planned, and you will get urges and promptings along the way, but it is ultimately you who must be capable to set your sail, to use the wind, the waves, the changing of the tide, and who must know how to set the rudder arrive at your Port of Call. It’s your responsibility to maintain the seaworthiness of your vessel, to repair damages and maintain upkeep. To neglect this in life is to sail through rough waters, merely hoping you can hold together and stay afloat. But the man who pilots a sturdy vessel fears no wave.
The wind that blows is not the directing force that brings you to your destination, it is merely the tool that you must learn to use in order to drive yourself to where you wish to go. Learn to set your sail and correct your course. By understanding your path, and your vessel, you can simply do a few things, consistently, every day, and be certain you will arrive at your port of choice, even if you cannot see it yet on the horizon.
Maintain an attitude of continuous learning. If you apply yourself to new knowledge with frequency, you will never cease to grow. By gaining new perspectives and new processes, you will be better equipped to complete any plan of your desire. Formal Education will earn you a living, and on top of that, Self Education will earn you a fortune.
Study all things that you wish to pursue. Build your confidence and self-worth, provide value to those around you, and never expect to get without first giving. If you learn to solve life’s problems, rather than flee from them, you will find that you are built for success.
The next Foundation of Success is Having a Positive Mental Attitude, and Controlling Your Thoughts. We become what we think about, most of the time. And you’ve got to learn to identify your thoughts, to think about what you think about. By doing this, and learning to set your thoughts on the right outcomes, the right perspectives, you will learn to easily become Successful as well as to avoid many traps and bogs in life that would slow you down and hold you back.

The Foundations Of Success 4: Controlling Your Thoughts – Positive Mental Attitude

foundations of success, Controlling Thought, Positive Mental Attitude, lifestyle billionaire club

Controlling Your Thoughts – Positive Mental Attitude
Developing a Positive Mental Attitude is a must. Learning to have a positive attitude can greatly impact your life, your perspective, your happiness, your health, and your results. We become what we think about most of the time, so if you can focus on the positive side of all situations, it follows that your life will become overwhelmingly more positive in suite.
If you learn to believe that you have a right to be successful, you’ll focus on becoming successful. If you focus on success, you’ll find success. If, however, you focus on the obstacles and difficulties to your success, you’ll never get past them. Likewise, if we focus on our limitless ability to improve and achieve, and carry an overall positive outlook on ourselves with optimism, we’ll continue to grow in profound ways. But if we focus on our flaws and shortcomings, and get down on ourselves with and overly negative outlook on who we are, we’ll stifle our potential, our joy, our creativity, and we’ll find ourselves stuck in a rut. Realize that you have tens of thousands of thoughts in your head each day, repeating over and over again. Most of these thoughts aren’t new at all, but rather a re-run of thoughts you’ve programmed into yourself. Learn to identify both the repeating positive and negative thoughts you hold about yourself, and make an intentional effort to root out all negativity.

The Foundations Of Success 5: Setting Goals

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Setting Goals
Learning to clearly define and write out your goals with specificity is one of the single most crucial Foundations of Success to understand and build as a success habit in your life. The more clarity you can muster for each goal, the more specific success you will experience with it. Remember that vague goals lead to vague results.
If you can clearly define your wants, dreams, and desires in life, write them down, and break them into simple, actionable steps, you can achieve virtually anything in life. And the more you focus on these goals by writing, reviewing, and rewriting them, the more your every action will lead to their attainment.
Master this, and you will master a lifetime of achievement and success.

The Foundations Of Success 6: Ultimate Definite Purpose

foundations of success, Ultimate Definite Purpose, lifestyle billionaire club

Ultimate Definite Purpose
Creating and defining for yourself an Ultimate Definite Purpose is the staring point of all success. With this comes an increase in desire, faith, focus, and action. If you set all of your focus, determination, and persistence on achieving your Ultimate Definite Purpose in life, you will ensure that each day is a success, that you are consistently moving toward the one goal that will improve your life by great amounts.
Do not neglect to define you purpose in life. If you have no specific purpose, how can any amount of inspiration, motivation, or learning help you improve? Understanding what are you improving toward gives you the direction to accomplish great things and have a purposeful life. Learn to build, along with your Ultimate Definite Purpose, a white-hot burning desire to see it accomplished, and set each task and action step toward it’s attainment. All effort will then guide you towards a life of success.
Next I will teach you how to structure your day and manage your time so that you can ensure that each day is successful, laying a building block on the foundation of your Ultimate Definite Purpose.

The Foundations Of Success 7: Time Management

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Time Management
Understanding that Time Management is really management of self is key. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with our days and never really accomplish anything of significance, day after day. We get wrapped up in tedious busy work that we think needs to get done, but we neglect the things that truly need to be achieved.
Time management takes knowledge, discipline, and long-term perspective. And once you master it, you change your entire life.
Focus on the things in life that provide major positive results, and those which have major consequences for your situation. Learn to focus specifically on your major tasks each day, and you will quickly see that you are more productive and more successful almost immediately. You’ll be amazed by the results, the feeling of success, and the additional free time you create for yourself. If you then double down on the work toward your major priorities, you only catapult yourself further into success.
All successful people start with and work from lists. You should never begin your day until you have it finished. A person who begins his day without specific direction, is forced to spend his day reacting to life, tossed too and fro by every demand placed on him.

The Foundations Of Success 8: Think And Grow Rich

foundations of success, Think and grow rich, lifestyle billionaire club

Think And Grow Rich
If you can learn to properly think, and to rise to each challenge joyfully as an opportunity to grow and overcome, you will be leaps and bounds beyond all of your peers. Success requires Thinking more than just about any other element. It is your thoughts and ideas, stemming from your creative imagination, that will provide you with the invaluable idea that will make you rich. It is your Critical Thinking and Assessment that will help you overcome any obstacle you meet. And it is your Focused Thinking that will keep you disciplined and dedicated to your brilliant pursuit. Soon enough, you will turn all of your desires into pure gold.

The Foundations Of Success 9: Get Motivated

foundations of success, Get Motivated, lifestyle billionaire club

Get Motivated
Success starts with education and action. But without the proper amount of motivation and inspiration it is difficult to put our knowledge into necessary action. By becoming properly motivated and inspired we are able to passionately pursue our goals.
Define for yourself exactly what you want and why you want it. Identify the rewards and the perks of accomplishment, and set your sights on attaining these things. Then begin to brainstorm new ways to achieve these rewards, to earn them and to experience the joys of success. Find other sources of inspiration outside of yourself. Find those who have the things you want in life, and learn from them. Let them inspire you with their stories of success and achievement. This will let you know that not only are you not alone on your journey, but that all of the results you want are possible, and have been previously accomplished by others.

The Foundations Of Success 10: Mastermind

foundations of success, Mastermind, lifestyle billionaire club

Creating a Mastermind Alliance is so crucial to your success. Without this kind of a group you are left to struggle through each and every problem yourself. However, with a Mastermind Alliance, you form a council f experience which can greatly swiften your pace on the path to success.
Find like-minded peers and mentors who can focus on your purposes and help provide solution, experience, and results. Talk about all problems, issues, struggles, successes, and plans with them, and use their minds to brainstorm new ways to success for your purpose. By utilizing others, and hearing their strategies and successes, you will gain so much valuable knowledge and advice.
Meet regularly and continue to pursue a common purpose together.

The Foundations Of Success 11: Habits And Routines

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Habits And Routines
Our life is run by habits whether we realize it or not. And our position in life is a result of our habits. If you don’t like where you are in life, you’ve got to change your habits and begin to be intentional about what you do, why you do it, and how you do it.
Successful people move from success to success in life because they’ve made Success a habit. They realize that the things that are easy to do, are also easy not to do, so they develop discipline and form habits around getting those things done. They realize that whether they do something, or don’t do something, they’re building a habit to that effect. Discipline yourself to form the right kind of habits in your life.
The first hour of each day is the rudder of the day. Invest that hour into yourself. Focus on setting your sail for the day and setting your priorities. This will help you stop reacting through life, and instead allow you to be proactive and to stay on point to your own demands, not the demands of others.

The Foundations Of Success 12: Don’t Make Excuses

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Don’t Make Excuses
Our Love for excuses limits our success. If we accept excuses from ourselves and allow any substitution for actual results and progress, we remove from ourselves the potential for our greatness. Learn to leave your excuses behind. Be honest with yourself on where you are falling short and need improvement. Identify your flaws and fix them, period. Don’t cover them up with excuses, no matter how valid an excuse may be.
We rely on excuses as a way to feel good about our laziness. They give us an out, a venue to make failure acceptable. When you are Success driven, you cut out all excuses as a viable answer, and you simply accept one currency. That currency is Results, and it’s only the Results you NEED. Leave your excuses behind, they are no good to you. They are results stealers.
When you learn to stop looking at results as simply something you Want, but instead look at results as something you NEED in order to have the life you Want, you will stop accepting any substitutes for those specific desired outcomes. GO be great. Live up to your fullest potential and trade in your excuses for the excellence you should be.

The Foundations Of Success 13: Discipline

foundations of success, Discipline, lifestyle billionaire club

Discipline is the glue that holds all of the Foundations of Success together. Without discipline, goals and accomplishment will never meet. You’ve got to learn to discipline yourself to do the things that you don’t want to do, that are so easy to neglect, but in doing them you find success. Discipline yourself to take action right away on the things you normally procrastinate on. Find your discipline and you will find happiness and success.

The Foundations Of Success 14: Challenge Yourself

foundations of success, Challenge Yourself, lifestyle billionaire club

Challenge Yourself
When you persist beyond your comfort zone, you quickly realize that your skills and abilities far surpass your perceived limitations. And when you break past your limitations, you continue to improve your skills, unleash more of your limitless potential, and drive yourself forward to become more than you are! This cycle, if continuously repeated, will lead you to heights greater than you ever imagined, and any success you desire can be your’s with a little bit of Grace.
Seek to improve yourself and perfect yourself in all areas. Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, etc… God made you to be perfect in his sight. We’ll never be truly be perfect, but we, abiding in His grace, can apply our effort with His gifts, to become more of who we truly are and were meant to be.
Set goals for yourself that will make something of you to achieve them.

The Foundations Of Success 15: Focus

foundations of success, Focus, lifestyle billionaire club

Focus is everything. If you can’t learn to focus you’ll never finish your tasks at hand. You’ll waste valuable time jumping from distraction to distraction, idea to idea, opportunity to opportunity, and you’ll never get the full benefit from any of them.
Focus is a major player in effectiveness, in continuous education, in discipline, and in time management.

The Foundations Of Success 16: Multiple Streams Of Income

foundations of success, Multiple Streams Of Income, lifestyle billionaire club, Passive Income

Multiple Streams Of Income
The quickest route to wealth and success is to develop multiple streams of income for yourself. Passive streams are the best because you can set them up and automate them, and they will continue to earn you money day in and day out with very little future effort. However, it is fine to build multiple Active streams of income, as long as you can manage your time effectively. Investment Income is great as well, but this is where you should be putting your profits from your multiple streams. It’s a more long-term approach, and we, on the road to success, are concerned with building wealth here and now!
Wages are great, they will make you a living, but Profits will make you a Fortune. No matter what your career, work full-time on your job and part-time on your fortune.

The Foundations Of Success 17: Faith

foundations of success, Faith, lifestyle billionaire club

Faith is the element that allows us to reach places we’ve never been, and see things we’ve never known. Faith is the hope for things yet unseen. Therefore, at the very core of improving our life, we must have faith that it is possible. But many of us stop short, or believe too small. If we can simply grasp the concept stated previously, that at the very core of improving our life we must believe it to be possible, then can’t we believe anything is possible? Isn’t any amount of improvement and progress possible for us? Are we somehow limited by the amount of uncharted territory we can cover? I tell you we are only limited by the paths we take and the choices we make. But no matter where you are in life, you still have a lifetime of choices to make. The only key is to set your sites and your well defined goals on exactly where you want to end up in life, on exactly what you want to make of your life, and then head in that direction at a consistent pace.
Then, along the way, monitor your progress in light of your ultimate desired destination, and adjust accordingly. Add the equipment you are missing but need for the journey, and why would you ever doubt your ability to see life change for you?
Therefore, if you have any amount of faith in your ability to change, you have all of the faith you need to see your dreams become reality. Now you just need the discipline.
It is important on your path to success to have faith in 3 things. Have faith in yourself for your ability to become more and to conquer. Have faith in your ideas that you deem worthy to pursue, for their ability to produce for you and deliver. And have Faith in God for the unknown, the uncontrollable, and the miracle of life given to your pursuits and ideas.

The Foundations Of Success 18: Charity

foundations of success, Charity, lifestyle billionaire club

You get the best of life when you are a giver and not merely a taker. We all have an inherent desire to be valuable to our communities and spheres of influence. And you become valuable by giving, not by taking. If all a person does is take and consume, there is no value in that. But if a person gives of themselves, of their time, of their resources, of their skills, ability, and knowledge, then they provide value. They give back part
of what they have received, ensuring that others will continue to invest in them, and the cycle continues.
There is so much pain, injustice and suffering in this world, much of it due to incredibly simple needs that aren’t being met. If we, We who will be Successful, would make a point to give part of what we get, in all aspects of ourselves, ho much good could we do? How much suffering could be solved? How much knowledge could be spread?
Therefore, I encourage you to be a giver and to thus change the world. It’s important that we all find a few simple causes that we believe in, and then seek to support those causes with our finances, our time, our efforts, and our skills. Having an impact is what makes life worthwhile. Go and be the salt of the earth.

The Foundations Of Success 19: Understanding Earning Money

foundations of success, Understanding Earning Money, lifestyle billionaire club

Understanding Earning Money
Understand that all of the money you will ever make in your life will have come from other people. Other people have your money, and the only way to get it from them is to render a service, a value to them, or to solve one of their problems who’s solution is of greater importance to them than their money.
If this idea and understanding becomes your mindset, you will be out seeking to solve problems, add value, and make a difference in people’s lives, and you will not be afraid to ask for money when you do.
Learn to solve a problem for one person first. Then move to 2, 5 and 10 people. Once you know you can successfully solve the problem for multiple people, write down and develop your system for solving that process, step by step by step. Then, hire someone under you to begin solving that same problem by following your process for 2, 5, and 10 people. Yes you’ll make less profit this way because you now have to pay someone else, but you are learning to leverage yourself and spread your problem solving skills far and wide. Once the first person and successfully followed your problem solving steps and solved the problem for 10 people, hire another person to repeat the process in a new area. Continue to do this and soon you will see that you have removed yourself from your business and you are making more money than you ever could have by simply solving problems yourself. This is the path to riches.
Remember, you don’t get rich by saving money, you get rich by spending your money on a worthwhile investment. Hiring new people to solve problems for a profit is a worthwhile investment.
Additionally, wealth is a matter of inspiration, so learn to pay attention to your inspirations, flush them out, pursue them, and be inspired to ever grow/ever increase your effectiveness through processes and other people.
Finally, learn to think about your customers/clients/employers. If money comes from other people learn to stop focusing solely on solving your own problems, and go spend more time and effort adding value to these people instead.

The Foundations Of Success 20: Multiply And Increase Your Income

foundations of success, Multiply and increase your income, lifestyle billionaire club

Multiply And Increase Your Income
Increasing your income comes from focusing on goals and consistently reaching new heights. You do this by the 10X Rule which states that if you know your goal, and the effort it should theoretically take for you to reach that goal, you determine for yourself to do 10 Times that amount of work and effort so that you can constantly grow and challenge yourself, thus ensuring you always reach your goals.
Additionally, increase in income comes from being able to invest your money and pay yourself first, before spending it all on bills and liabilities. Learn to set up for yourself a side business that you can devote a little effort towards building. This new pursuit allows you to work full time on your job and part time on your fortune. Each dollar you make from this pursuit needs to be completely separate from your day to day life. It’s not for paying bills or paying rent, it’s for continuing to invest in yourself exclusively. After a short amount of time, you will turn a profit, reinvest this money, and continue to build new assets for yourself by repeating this process. Out of these assets you will produce cash flow, and you can soon begin to pay your liabilities with you cashflow produced solely by your assets, and thus take your income from you job and continue to invest that into new assets. This is what separates the rich from the poor.

The Foundations Of Success 21: Marketing

foundations of success, Marketing, lifestyle billionaire club

Marketing is telling your story to the world. But in reality, it isn’t jus telling your story, it’s understanding HOW to tell your story to the world. You may have the most intriguing and enticing story ever created, that is sure to bring sales and conversions, but if you don’t know HOW to get it to the world you are lost, and you are no marketer.
Learn HOW to bring your story to the world. Go grab attention in every possible way you can. Learn to utilize other people’s audiences that they’ve built up. This is called Influencer Marketing and it is crucial to your success.
Once you know HOW to bring your story to the world, you need to learn how to convert those who’s interests are piqued into conversions for yourself. You’ve got to harvest your own audience and cultivate your own loyal following that you can go back to time and time again. This is done through list building.
In short, create a landing page, drive traffic to it, get the traffic to provide a point of contact, and then strive to build a quality relationship of trust and value with that list over and over again. Give them value, give them useful information that will help them in their life and pursuits, and only once they trust you, get them to engage with you in some way. Get them to step from being simple listeners and move them into engagement where they actively take steps to interact with you through comments, shares, feedback, etc… Once you’ve got a list that trusts you and engages with you, you can sell them anything, as long as you never break their trust and you continue to provide them value outside of simple sales promotions.
If you can nail marketing through story telling, attention getting, list building, and value adding, you can make virtually any pursuit of yours successful.

The Foundations Of Success 22: Money Philosophy

foundations of success, Money Philosophy, lifestyle billionaire club

Money Philosophy
We all have a unique philosophy on money that we’ve developed over time. Along the way, we’ve picked up things that are true and things that are not true, things that clarify, and things that confuse. At the end of it all, it can sometimes be our money philosophy that affects our earning ability the greatest.
If you have set up limiting beliefs in your subconscious that hold you back from earning beyond a certain level, from pursuing wealth beyond a “safe and moderate” point, then you are working against yourself on your journey to success.
You have to first identify, and then learn to correct the limiting beliefs found within your own personal money philosophy. By bringing these to light, you can assess them, address them, correct them, and move on complete. It is wise to deal with our philosophies and make sure that they are truly serving us.
Once you have dealt with your limiting beliefs, you’ve then got to learn just what to do with money. If your philosophy is to spend spend spend, and not pay attention to where the money goes, that affects you. If you philosophy is to save save save and not spend a dollar, that also affects you. Developing a healthy perspective on money, on what to do with a dollar, and how to truly build wealth is crucial to success.
Finally, learning to pay yourself first is an often talked about and overheard concept, but I truly believe most of us never fully grasp how to do it. And if you can relate to that you aren’t alone. I give some great tactics for paying yourself first within the Foundation of Money Philosophy, and you would benefit greatly to follow it. I have.

The Foundations Of Success 23: Delegation – Leveraging and Outsourcing

foundations of success, Learn To Delegate, lifestyle billionaire club

Delegation – Leveraging and Outsourcing
Learning to leverage yourself is simply a process whereby you multiply your strength, ability, and output by utilizing others. Success comes much more quickly when you learn to work ON your business rather than IN your business. Indentify the things that you do which are crucial for you to be involved in and that bring the highest reward for your time spent, and likewise identify the things that you do which you could easily turn over to someone else if they had the proper training.
Then, you go train someone. First, train yourself. Pay attention to every single thing you do, how you do it, and why you do it. Also pay attention to why you don’t do certain things. Clearly write out your process in a step by step guide. Give the Do’s, the Don’ts, and all of the If This Happens Then Do This areas.
Once you have a clearly defined process that is simple to follow, set out to hire someone to take over that area of your business. Your time is valuable, so realize that if you free up your own time to focus on the value giving priorities in your company, those tasks that have the greatest return for you, then you’ll be increasing your income and business. You time is worth a certain amount per hour. Don’t do tasks that produce less than that hourly amount. In fact, pay someone less than you are worth to do all of the things that need to be done which don’t earn you “X” number of dollars per hour.
Once you begin to hire people, either employees or virtual assistants, your work life will change. You’ll begin to see so much more work getting accomplished while you focus on more and more important tasks. This is how to build a great business and find success. Hire people and learn to be a great manager to them.
If you can give your employees their 3 most important tasks, and likewise define your own, and keep everyone on track of consistently pursuing and completing their major tasks, you’ll win. Then, all that is left for you to do is remove the bottlenecks, automate everything as much as possible, and you’ll begin to experience freedom in your work like never before.

The Foundations Of Success 24: Learning To Fail

foundations of success, Learning To Fail, lifestyle billionaire club

This is the mindset you must acquire if you wish to be successful. No longer should you fear failure or fear hardships. That’s for the incompetent man. For you, you embrace failure when it comes. You embrace it as a chance to grow, to learn, to improve, and to get one step closer to the path that does work. You embrace failure as a necessary step on the road to Success, realizing that each failure along the way cancels out a step that won’t work, leaving fewer paths to try until you find the on that will work.
This mindset ultimately starts with knowing exactly what you want, and believing that you are able to accomplish it. If you have a burning desire to achieve, then nothing will stop you. If you have a weak commitment to your pursuits though, failure is sure to knock you off course.

It is only through our attempts that we can ever accomplish.
No Attempt = No Success.
Do you realize this? Do you understand this? Obviously. But do you really grasp what this means? Any goal you have in life will require you to stretch yourself, to grow, to get out of your comfort zone, and to face some amount of fear and timidity. Sometimes life won’t feel like it’s perfectly aligned for you to move forward and you’re going to have to take a leap of faith anyways. You can’t wait around forever, and you’ve got to act. So just do so knowing that without your attempt, you’ll never find the success you’re looking for. And if you fail, have the confidence in yourself that you’ll be able to pick yourself up, learn from what you experienced, and attempt it again in a better way.
Nothing should stand between you and your goals, especially fear. Fear should be the very first obstacle that we overcome, because we realize that without action there can be no success. So don’t let fear be the last obstacle you tackle. That’s putting it in reverse. Get your confidence and courage right, then figure out the details. Don’t sit and plot and plan and live in fear… no amount of planning can cause you to act if your fear still stands in your way. Be brave, develop resolve, then plan.

The Foundations Of Success 25: Brainstorm And Plan

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Brainstorm And Plan
The easiest way to ensure progress on your ventures is to make sure that you are consistently implementing all of the ideas you’ve previously conceived on how to move ahead. If you form a habit of paying attention to your creative imagination, and diligently write down all of your thoughts as far as your mind can flush them out, you will never be left without a roadmap with which to proceed forward.
Oftentimes we can feel stuck and directionless, but if you follow the steps outlined in this Foundation you will not only stimulate an influx of brilliance and good ideas, but you will also know how to plan through your ideas to ensure the greatest return of success on each.
Diligence and Planning is the key to results. If you learn to Brainstorm and Plan effectively, you’ll always know the next step to take in life and business. Then, if you consistently implement the ideas/plans you have, you will ensure that you consistently progress in your life and are never without direction.

The Foundations Of Success 26: Recognize Opportunity And Get Started

foundations of success, Recognize Opportunity And Get Started, lifestyle billionaire club

Recognize Opportunity And Get Started
Opportunity knocks for us all, but some are able to recognize it and act on it, while others look past it in despair, not yet prepared to seize it, and not yet ready to fully recognize it. In this, we develop a perspective that life is unfair, that others are lucky, and that we got the short end of the stick.
But by setting definitive, specific goals for ourselves, and taking time to think about Who we must Become in order to achieve those goals, we develop a new perspective. We begin to grow, to improve ourselves, to build our skill sets, and thus new and unique opportunities present themselves to us along our journey to accomplish our specific goals. Additionally we are better equipped to not only seize opportunity, but to recognize it outright. A mind that is focused on a goal will constantly be looking for ways to achieve it, thus opportunity becomes easier to recognize and act on.
This is Luck: When preparation meets opportunity.

Build into yourself a discipline of starting your relevant ideas right away. Just get started. Put away procrastination and excuses, and use what you currently have at your disposal in ways of skills, abilities, and resources, and just begin today. You’ll always be able to find reasons to delay, but you need to focus on your reasons to act. Define your WHY for yourself and it will outweigh all of your WHY NOTS.

Take your dreams and make them goals. Forget the “Someday I will”’s and learn to take your biggest dreams and set them as a near distant goal. Begin to become all that you hope to become today. Start on those important journeys now, not later. Take the first small steps, and then define the next and the next and the next and you will find that you suddenly ARE the things you always Hoped to be. This will make all of the difference in the world for you.

The Foundations Of Success 27: How to Build The Good Life

foundations of success, How to Build The Good Life, lifestyle billionaire club

How To Build The Good Life
How exactly do you craft the best life possible for yourself? You have to know what that life looks like. You define it for yourself by idealizing it in every area. Ask yourself, “What would the perfect life look like for me in every major area of life?”
Once you have defined the ideal life for yourself you can begin to move towards it.

Those who are happy in life have defined their dreams and desires and set goals for themselves. They count the cost required of them for accomplishing each dream, and they make sure that their dreams are their own, not someone elses’ imposed on them.
Learn to know yourself. Know and define your core values in life, your virtues, your morals, and your purposes. What drives you. What upsets you. What do you count as injustice in this life? Make sure you don’t do those things then, ever. In fact, make sure you are actively helping people avoid committing those injustices on any and every level of life and you will feel fulfilled.
Know your WHY’s for wanting success. Let them drive you and make sure they are worthy reasons.
Learn to deal with unhappiness, worry, and stress. Discipline your disappointments and make your stress work for your benefit rather than against your health and well-being.
Earn great amounts of money by understanding success is a responsibility and a blessing, but keep money your servant, never your master.
Work with the right people and surround yourself with those who will encourage and inspire you. Always be mentored in life, and always be a mentor. Find likeminded people to enjoy life with.
Achieve big things, and strive for lofty goals, but keep your contentment in life, that life indeed, is a joy, not a stress. Any amount of achievement you get above and beyond your basic needs of shelter, food, and relationships should be a value added to your foundation. Don’t set your foundation in the stars or it won’t have anything to rest on. But if you set your foundation on earth and build to the stars, you can enjoy the view.
Finally, know your goals so well that you can recite them each day and know what you’re working towards.
If you follow these things, and take time to define them for yourself, you will surely be working your way toward your own personal version of the Good Life. Join me, won’t you, as a fellow Connoisseur of the Good Life.

The Foundations Of Success 28: Become A Leader

foundations of success, Become A Leader, lifestyle billionaire club

Become A Leader
The most important points to draw from this Foundation Of Leadership are that you should seek to build your character first. Develop and define yourself as a great man, a righteous, fair, noble man, worthy of being followed.
Then, once your character is right, seek to lead in business and other areas. When you find yourself ill-equipped, don’t merely pretend and go through the motions of leadership. Instead, develop the confidence you need in all situations to lead well. Learn the skills you lack and understand the angles you don’t. Then, lead well.
Learn to delegate your work to others, thus multiplying yourself and your abilities.
It is an eternal truth that men receive more pay for their ability to get others to perform, than they could possibly earn by their own efforts alone.
Finally, live out your virtues and values. All that you teach, you should practice as well. By consistently ensuring that you practice what you preach, you will be one of the greatest leaders in your industry.

The Foundations Of Success 30: Action And Determination

foundations of success, Action And Determination, lifestyle billionaire club

Action And Determination
Success is all about Action. You must learn to act, and act quickly on all of your good ideas. Cast off doubt, fear, and procrastination. Get to work, and get to work mightily.
The quicker you can put your ideas into play, the quicker you can reap the rewards and benefits of all of them combined. This leads to a highly successful life, as well as many streams of income.
When you take action, take Massive Action on good ideas, so that you can get Massive Results.
One of the biggest regrets you will have in life is when you finally get to the point of Success. You’ll look back and be able to see all of the times wehre you drug your feet, where you dug your heels in and resisted work, where you failed to take action. It will have cost you years of valuable time. The sooner you can learn to overcome not only procrastination, but fear of action, and decide to take Massive Action on all of your good ideas, the sooner you will begin moving from Great Success to Great Success in your life.

Increase your belief in your potential. Then you’ll take more action. This leads to results, which leads to confidence, which leads to more belief, more potential, more action, etc… It’s a great circle that continues to build itself.

If you take very little action, you get very few results. Then you begin to doubt yourself and believe less in your potential.

Find your certainty in your idea through having a breakthrough. Once you are certain, you increase your belief, your motivation, your action, your results.

Turn your Shoulds into Musts. Once you believe with all your purpose that you HAVE to act, you will act. And you will work hard and fast.

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