Finding True Joy In Life

Finding True Joy and Purpose In Life

We need true joy in life and we need to be fully joyful, happy, and blessed. Happiness is different than joy. We spend our lives pursuing happiness, thinking it’s joy, but it’s not, it’s very different than joy and very different than contentment.
Imagine life as a glass. We need substance in that glass, water. And then our experiences, our happiness, our pursuits and our goals are all food coloring to add to that glass to make it vibrant.
If we don’t have a full glass, we simply put a small drop of coloring into an empty glass. There’s temporarily relief, but as soon as we realize our vessel is still empty it sends us off searching for more.
You can never fill a glass with food coloring. There’s just not enough.
So many people chase the happiness, and the accomplishment, and the things, but they never are able to fill their glass. They get a concentrated dose, that tricks them into belieiving they’ve added something to thier lives, but eventually the reality sets in that they have only added a small drop to a large, empty space.
Instead, we must find our substance, our water. I truly believe this only comes from knowing God, and knowing the purity and purpose of God… that unconditional love that He provides within a relationship with Him. We can all have our purposes in life, and that helps bring substance, but it’s still a drop in the glass. We need true purpose accompanied with true identity of ourselves, and our truest identity comes from the ONE Who made us. When we know Him, we know Ourselves.
In knowing ones self truly, and in experience unconditional love in life, we can find and pursue our true purpose. We can honestly impact others for the better. And once we have our glass full of water, of substance, we can pursue happiness as an additive.
Just as a small drop of food coloring can fully permeate a glass of water, so too can a small experience of happiness fully flavor our entire lives.

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