Developing Courage In the Presence Of Fear

Developing Courage In the Presence Of Fear

Developing Courage In the Presence Of Fear

In order to be successful in business as an entrepreneur, it’s absolutely crucial that you get in the habit of taking action. But what often holds us back from taking massive action is fear. We worry that our plans may fail, that we aren’t strong enough, smart enough, disciplined enough to get the results we’re after. A good entrepreneur will focus on developing courage and acting in the presence of fear. It’s the only way to get true results in business and propel yourself forward as an entrepreneur.
Courage is not the lack of fear, but rather being able and willing to take action despite having fear. Developing courage in the face of fear, and acting in the presence of fear will make life open up its pathways to you. Think about how many opportunities are missed because someone has a good idea but is too afraid to act. When the opportunities of life present themselves you must be able to take advantage of them or your life will pass you by. And the way you become able to take advantage of the opportunities is by training yourself to act; preparing yourself to take action when necessary. When you are developing courage, you are positioning yourself to act despite fear, regardless of whatever doubts you have, and through that you prime yourself for success. As an entrepreneur, you need to develop courage and take action.

Courage is not the absence of fear

Courage is not the absence of fear, it’s doing what we know we need to do despite the fear that we face. If you want to be successful in your life and in your business… begin with developing courage and acting. If you want to accomplish the giant goals and amazing dreams that you have for your life then you do this by developing courage and taking action.
Recognize that you have those things that pull at your heart, that deep down just tug at you and make you almost sick to your stomach because you want them so bad. If you want your life to look better and to be different than it is, and you want to accomplish more in your life… then you need to start with developing courage and taking massive action.
I know that you want to accomplish your dreams and your goals. As an entrepreneur, you want to see things actually happen for you, actually change for you, and you want to see results in your life.. and so you need to develop courage and act.

Build within yourself that courage to act in spite of fear, not in absence of fear. So even though you face fear, even though you have fear, even though it’s all around you, learn to push through and act. We all have things that we’re afraid of, but success can never happen if we don’t face those fears and act in the presence of that fear rather than waiting for that fear to dissipate, or not be there at all.

Often times we hope that there’s going to be an easier way and an easier road that we don’t have to go down with fear. We always just want there to be some path that’s devoid of fear that we can just walk down easily and simply do the things that we’re good at. We want to just focus on our strengths and forget about the things that challenge us. And indeed, to focus on your strengths is a great business tactic, yet there will never be a road fully devoid of our weaknesses and the things that we fear. And so I want to challenge you to be courageous, to develop integrity and character, and habit of action despite fear. Despite the fact that you have to face things that you’re afraid of, learn to act. Act. Act well, and act big, and take massive action and go face your fears and you’ll see that the majority of what we fear will never happen to us. The majority of what we fear won’t have near the impact that we think it will, and we actually can come out the other side of fear far greater and far better off from having acted in the face of fear and overcame that fear than we ever could have by just hoping that it would go away. So develop courage, face your fear, and go be great.

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