How I Created A Millionaire Morning Routine

How I Created A Millionaire Morning Routine

How I Created A Millionaire Morning Routine

In this post I break down how I created a Millionaire Morning Routine and why that is so important for every young entrepreneur to have a morning routine that serves them and helps them get into a powerful and efficient state every day. Without a Morning routine, most of us wake up each day groggy and late. We spend our mornings scrambling to get ready, rushing out the door to work, and reacting through the rest of the day to everything that comes our way. Finally, but the end of the work day after we’ve come home from our jobs, we have a little time for ourselves, and most of us push that too far into the night which inevitably creates a repetitious cycle of tiredness and reactiveness. Its this feeling that leaves us feeling unfulfilled, stressed out, and wiped out consistently. I’m here to help you break that cycle in your life and to teach you how to create your own millionaire morning routine that will put you in a peak state of dominance to absolutely own your days and crush your goals.

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How I Created A Millionaire Morning Routine

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Hustlers, Grinders, Movers and Shakers, Entrepreneurs… Are you basing your success on the amount of hard work you put in and the amount of midnight oil you burn, spending hours upon hours into each night grinding away only to base your pride and worth as an entrepreneur on your “grind factor?” You just might be doing it wrong, and I’m here to tell you why. I’ve seen it time and time again, and experienced it for myself, young entrepreneurs fall into the trap of staying up late and grinding into the wee hours of the morning, only to wake up the next day wiped out, tired, and unmotivated, not to mention stressed out.
As a young entrepreneur you can’t spend the best days of your life stressed, tired, and reacting to the world each day simply because you stay up late working thinking that you’re being as productive as you possibly can be. That’s the wrong mind-frame to reach success from.
Instead, imagine a life where you wake up each day refreshed, ready to take on the day, motivated from hour one, and you knock out your biggest chunks of work each day within the first 3 hours, every single day, leaving the rest of the day to either go above and beyond, or to simply handle the tedium of life that we never seem to have time for as young entrepreneurs.
This kind of a life and work-structure seems like a unicorn doesn’t it? Almost Impossible? But in actuality it’s very possible to achieve, and when I found myself in this new strange situation it changed everything for me. My energy changed, my motivation changed, my income changed, and I built my first 6 figure business in mere months of putting this new strategy into play in my life each day.
So to what do I attribute the change of life, going from an adamant late-night grinder to an early riser? I found myself studying successful people and realized that an overwhelming number of them wake up at 5am and dedicate the first hour of each day to putting themselves in a peak state for performance before they ever even start work. This first hour of the day is called the Golden Hour, and if you dedicate it to getting your say started right, you can ensure that you’ll dominate each day as a young entrepreneur.
When I found that people I admired were killing it by using a morning routine, I decided to create my own millionaire morning routine based on the habits and steps that I saw them implementing.
I began waking up at 5am every morning and created a series of steps that became my morning routine. At first it was hard, but as days stacked on top of each other and I remained consistent I found that I had created a powerful habit that lead to great change and success in my life.

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Learning About The Millionaire Morning Routine

learning about the millionaire morning routine
It was early on in 2014 that I first started hearing about my mentor’s Millionaire Morning Routines. I had just started throwing myself fully into personal development because I knew that I desperately needed to figure out a better way to run my business. I had previously been inspired by guys like Tim Ferriss and Richard Branson, but honestly, they may have been the only two authors I had ever read in the realm of business or personal success. So I ventured out onto youtube and I began finding a whole wealth of success coaches who were not only inspirational and incredibly knowledgeable, but who also were living the kind of lives I wanted to emulate.
I still remember the incredible impact those early days were having on my mindset as I listed and voraciously devoured all of the content I could find by guys like Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, and Tony Robbins. And it wasn’t long before I started finding guys who were slightly more contemporary and closer to my level. The information I was hearing and reading was doing wonders for my success mind-set and motivation, but the day I discovered Stefan Pylarinos from Project Life Mastery, my life changed.
Here was this young guy, about my age, absolutely crushing life through his online businesses. And he was consistently sharing what he was learning. And when I found his Morning Routine Video I was mesmerized. I was listening to his habits and routines, and something hit me… hard. I knew I had to try it for myself, and that was the beginning of it all for me.
I took notes, I wrote my own thoughts, and then I quickly found other videos of successful people’s morning routines and I pulled pieces that I knew would serve me and my situation.
I found Robin Sharma talking about his 5am Club, Brian Tracy, and Eric Thomas. All of these guys were killing it and had amazing pointers to help me formulate my own Millionaire Morning Routine, and that’s exactly what I did. I pulled pieces of inspiration from them all and I started the very next day. To say I began crushing it would be an understatement. My entire life changed, and within the first 4 hours of the morning I would invoice customers for my daily money goals every single day. This had never happened to me before and my income skyrocketed. My energy was different, my motivation and inspiration were different, and my results were absolutely different. I’ll never look back!

Here’s Stefan Pylarinos’ original Millionaire Morning Routine Video that started it all for me:

Becoming Proactive Instead Of Reactive With A Millionaire Morning Routine

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So what was it that changed for me when I created and started implementing my Millionaire Morning Routine?
For starters, I found that when I woke up at 5am each day and enacted my morning ritual I had more energy than I had ever had. I found myself moving into the initial hours of my day clear headed, inspired, and focused. I was ready to dominate my day and get my biggest tasks done without delay. I had a clear road map to follow and I stuck to it.
Before, when I had been a night-owl, it didn’t matter how much sleep I got… if I stayed up late and woke up late, I was always groggy and unmotivated until numerous hours later. Now though, if I got up at 5am and followed my millionaire morning routine, it didn’t matter how little sleep I got… I still felt rested and motivated because I was taking the time to put my body into a peak state each morning.
What’s more, I stopped being so reactive throughout my day and instead found myself proactive. You see, most of us go through life reacting to the needs and urgencies of each day. Its a mistake that many young entrepreneurs make consistently. We wake up late, we’re stressed, we have to scramble to get to work and there’s no time for ourselves. We get to work right on time and have tasks waiting for us that we need to start on right away. Then the inevitable happens… our phone rings and someone needs something from us, a conversation happens that disrupts our mental state and distracts us, or countless emails barrage us and pull our attention over and over and over again. And then it’s too late. We’re caught up in a firestorm of reacting to life. We scramble all day long and rarely pull ourselves away to process and think. We don’t know what we’re supposed to be working on, we’re lost, we’re pulled and pushed and prodded. And by the time the day is over we’re exhausted and frustrated and mentally drained.
But my millionaire morning routine changed all of that. I stopped checking my phone first thing in the morning. Emails and social media could wait until their proper place in my day. And because I was taking the time to plan my day before I started my day, I knew exactly where my priorities lay. When someone called that needed something from me, I knew if I could and should handle it right then and there or not. I would either quickly deal with it, still holding my own goals and task in mind so that I could return to them as fast as possible, or I would tell them that it needed to wait until I could slate it in. My schedule was set, and following it meant success; detracting from it meant failure and distraction. Therefore I was able to make wise decisions proactively and rarely found myself reacting to anything in my day.
My time-management techniques when through the roof, and I was accomplishing so much more in my day. In the words of Earl Nightingale, I don’t manage time, I manage myself. I simply write down what I have to do each day and then I do those things without getting distracted.

I don’t manage time, I manage myself. I simply write down what I have to do each day and then I do those things without getting distracted.

Building The Proper Millionaire Morning Routine

building the proper millionaire morning routine

So what does a good millionaire Morning Routine Look like? For every young entrepreneur its going to be different. But what you need to look at is what will make you a success each day. What steps and actions do you need to do that will set you up to dominate your day? What will put you in a peak state of performance, help you clear your mind, help you stay focused, and help you increase your income and productivity?
The best thing you can do is learn from your mentors. Find others who have successfully built their lives and businesses and see what actions they themselves take to have a millionaire morning. Find what’s useful and use it. Discard the rest, and don’t be afraid to experiment.
And remember… Consistency is the key to success. We form habits by repetition whereby our subconscious will latch onto the familiar and use it to override our previous operating system. So any good Millionaire Morning Routine must be done consistently day in and day out for a period of at least 30 days. Obviously the more you do it the easier it will become and the greater effect it will have on your life, that’s a given, but remember that those first 30 days are absolutely crucial to your success. So whatever your millionaire morning routine becomes, do it consistently until a habit forms before you ever take a break from it and you will change your life for the better.

My Millionaire Morning Routine and Ritual

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I’ve created and formulated my own millionaire morning routine and ritual and will share with you the exact steps I take so that you can see the whats and the whys. You are free to copy my morning routine and use it as you see fit. I’ve created two entrepreneurial videos on the subject of successful millionaire morning routines that you can watch below.

I wake up at 5am most morning. Honestly, I need to get back to more consistency with this as I’ve allowed a bit of chaos to take over and I need to take immediate action to stop it in its tracks before it devastates my hard won habits of success. I contribute most of my progress to waking up early at 5am and doing that day after day as it really benefits my life and my work structure.
After I wake up, this is my millionaire morning routine schedule:
1) Smile Immediately: Reminding myself that I’m thankful and full of gratitude is paramount. I want to thank God for a new day, and be proud to be alive and ready to win the day. The physical act of smiling has incredible psychological benefits and helps put me in a positive state of mind.
2) Get Out Of Bed And Drink Water: Getting out of bed immediately is key to making sure I follow through with my morning routine. Next is drinking water so that I can refresh my system. Water in the morning is crucial to health and energy.
3) Grab A Bite And Stretch: I eat a quick bite of toast or granola bar and then I sit down on my yoga matt and stretch for 20 minutes to ease into physical activity and fight stiffness from a night of laying still.
4) Go Running: I like to start my mornings with a Run. It used to be directly to the gym when I lived within a mile. Now it’s either a run at the gym or outside before the gym. Either way, I get a run in which loosens me up, gets my heart rate up and blood pumping and clears the morning fog and grog from my head. While running I like to pray and thank God for the day, pray for my family and friends, and ask God for favor in the day and in my life.
5) Workout: I usually will work out 1 muscle group at the gym for about 45 minutes to an hour before returning home.
6) Eat Breakfast: Now that I’m back from the gym I eat a full breakfast, drink more water, and get my energy for the day.
7) Read For 20 Minutes: While eating I usually read for 20 minutes in a book that is motivational related to business, success, personal development, or marketing tactics. This ensures that I’m always learning and growing.
8) Daily Devotion: After I read for 20 minutes I read the Bible for another 20 minutes or so. Typically I read a chapter or two and I like to journal although I don’t always. Jesus is the most important part of my life and so I want to ensure that I’m always centered on Him each day.
9) Plan My Day: Once all of this is done I sit down to writ out my to-do list. I start broad and write down everything I would like to accomplish or need to accomplish. Then I divide these tasks into must-do’s, urgencies, and finally my 2-3 biggest priorities that if I could accomplish would move my life forward the most.
10) Get Started: Only now, once I’m primed and prepped for success do I begin my day. I’ve taken the time to set my plan for the day and now I can begin work on my biggest priority. I prefer to work on this before any urgencies or must-do’s so that I can ensure that each day I’m making progress on my overall plan for my life and my biggest goals. I work on it single-mindedly until I get to a stopping spot or I complete the task. From there I’m free to take a break, work on the must-do’s or work on my urgencies, check email, return phone calls, etc… But following this procedure ensures that ever single day I get some amount of work done on MY BIGGEST PRIORITIES, whereas most people find it very difficult to ever make time for the things they truly want to accomplish.

I sincerely hope that you get some great value out of seeing my Millionaire Morning Routine and the whys and hows of its structure. I highly encourage you as a young entrepreneur to begin planning your own millionaire morning routine and start acting on it immediately. See how it changes your success and sets you up to dominate all of your days.

You can watch my Millionaire Morning Routine and Ritual Videos Here:

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