Bitcoin Hard Fork – Dangers, Warnings, Opportunity, and Insider Secrets

Bitcoin Hard Fork – Dangers, Warnings, Opportunity, and Insider Secrets

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Insider Secrets about the Bitcoin Hard Fork Coming Up In Mid-November. Be aware of the incredible opportunities and also warnings about potential outcomes with bitcoin.

I just got back from attending Wealth Expo in Los Angeles, where I was able to join an intimate and exclusive Bitcoin conference. One of the speakers was Sean Walsh from Redwood City Ventures, a large venture capital firm that is investing heavily into bitcoin. These guys have a massive steak in the future of bitcoin, so they are worth listening too and I was grateful to be informed by them as an amateur bitcoin investor.

Here’s what I learned about the Bitcoin hardfork coming up. As bitcoin previously forked into bitcoin and bitcoin cash, many people were made a great deal more wealthy. If they had their bitcoin in an online wallet, they were most likely given an equal share of bitcoin cash to match their current bitcoin holdings at the time of the fork.
This was a great thing as bitcoin continued to rise above $7,000 per coin and bitcoin cash is now worth $600 each. So there was no problem, bitcoin and bitcoin cash are able to coexist side by side.
However, in the new bitcoin hard fork coming up in November, that will most likely not be the case. As Sean Walsh stated, this bitcoin fork is different and will require one of the two versions of bitcoin to be destroyed. This fork is about the software that runs and empowers bitcoin, Segwit 1 and Segwit 2x. Only one of the softwares will survive, and the other will be eaten up.
Now, 83% of the miners support Segwit2x, which will be bitcoin2X, so the thought is that most likely, bitcoin2X will win out over bitcoin. However, there are some pretty big whales that support bitcoin traditional or bitcoin classic and want to see it remain, and so there is no guarantee that Segwit2x will be the winner in this fork.
This was certainly very interesting to me and made me want to look into it further.
As I looked, I found other serious players talking about the potential that bitcoin cash will actually be the only remaining form of bitcoin after the hard fork because many significant players believe bitcoin cash to be the true bitcoin. So what the theory states is that people with significant holdings of bitcoin will sell both their bitcoin and newly formed bitcoin2X, dumping the coins at a high value, and re-investing all of their wealth into bitcoin gold in order to destroy the new bitcoin2X and bitcoin classic and push bitcoin cash to the winners circle, thus maintaining the true vision of what bitcoin was supposed to be.
There is a possibility this could be true as John McAfee and others have been investing in mining bitcoin cash which is currently producing a loss, not a profit. Why would they be so serious and adamant about mining a cryptocurrency at a loss? It doesn’t make sense unless they knew there was a plan to dump bitcoin and shift wealth over to bitcoin cash.
So how do you protect yourself in this scenario? It may be wise to invest in bitcoin cash while prices are low, hovering around $600 a coin.
The best thing you can do is go get informed from the real bitcoin experts before you act, but do it quickly.

Watch this quick video I made to learn more:


Okay, I made a mistake in the first video.

I was Wrong about Bitcoin Hard Fork BTC & Bitcoin2X (B2X) **Correction about Segwit2X & BTG

See the corrected version here:

Hey Limitless North… So I was actually mistaken in my last livestream. Bitcoin Already went through the bitcoin gold fork and this new hard fork that is happening is actually Bitcoin BTC and Bitcoin2X, which is not the same thing as Bitcoin Gold.

My apologies for having that wrong.
So what you need to know is that Bitcoin will exist as 4 different coins with this new fork: Bitcoin BTC, Bitcoin Cash BCH, Bitcoin Gold BTG, and Bitcoin2X B2X.
However, this new fork creating Bitcoin2X is actually very different from the other Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold Forks in that it is a software difference creating the fork. In this instance it is very likely that only one of the forks will survive… either Bitcoin BTC on Segwit1X or Bitcoin2X on Segwit2X.

This is important to know so that you don’t invest heavily in the wrong coin after trading resumes and before the winner is determined.
Additionally, there may be an attempt to dump both Bitcoin and Bitcoin2X and shift all wealth over to Bitcoin Cash because some very prominent people believe Bitcoin Cash is the real route that Bitcoin should take.

This is important incase you don’t actually own any Bitcoin Cash. You may want to go get very informed on what the potential outcomes could be with this Bitcoin Hard Fork mid-November so that you can make an informed decision on how to invest.

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