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What Are The Foundations Of Success?

     As we set off on this journey together, I will teach you the Foundations of Success and help walk you through a series of what I have come to understand, are the crucial foundations for becoming successful and gaining wealth. I have developed, over the last two years of study, research, and application, a full guide that has not only changed my life around, but if given the chance can also change your’s. I’ve labeled this highly valuable program the “Foundations Of Success,” because it contains what I believe to be the most crucial and foundational ideas, concepts, and principles that you absolutely need to understand and apply in order to truly achieve Success in your life.
Below is a summary of Foundation #3 “Personal Development.”
The Foundations Of Success course I’ve created is extensive in it’s value, simple in it’s approach, strategic in it’s knowledge, and easily accessible to you. All you have to do is follow a link and your life could change in an instant.
And I know that life is daunting, and change is hard, so should you desire to first get a taste of what the Foundations of Success are all about, I’ve created these short blog posts to give you some key insights into what you’ll learn in each Foundation of Success within the program.
Read to your heart’s content and follow each post to gain a preliminary understanding. This information alone can do wonders for your life. But should you choose to be serious about changing your life, improving your current situation, and beginning your journey on the path to riches, the full scope of the Foundations Of Success is always available to you here.


Become A Leader – Foundations Of Success 28

28) Become A Leader

Leadership is a Foundation that all Great men learn and apply. But it is a foundation that is most often counterfeited, and becomes a burden to those subjected to it. Any man can place himself in this position, but if not gotten right, the affects can be devastating to all involved.
Leadership, true leadership, takes a great deal of character, skill, and courage. You must have a character that inspires. You must have skills to set roles, delegate, inspire vision, and correct where necessary. You must have influence, and know how to properly enact it. And you must have Courage. The courage to correct, to change, to call attention to faults, and to correct and improve yourself at every level.
But this foundation, if mastered, is the one that will continuously multiply all other foundations beneath it and keep you charging headlong into success.
Leaders understand how to get successful results from others, they know that their success depends ultimately on the success of others below them, thus they have a desire to see others succeed. They care about the purpose of their position, and they cultivate talent at every turn.

Keep these things in mind as you set out to develop yourself as a leader.
Lead from Personal Power.
Lead from Godliness.
Live out your Virtues and your Values. Know who you are. Have your identity and base your actions solely on Who You Are, and Who You Want To Be, and you won’t have regrets. Know your virtues and values, and stick to them. Don’t be swayed by the wind or tide.

A leader knows how to delegate. Pairing tasks with the right person for the job is a huge key to success. If you can learn to divide the vision, and thus the workload, up between skillful people, and get them to own their share of the vision, you can accomplish anything.

A leader is kind and considerate, but firm and bold.
You can be a leader or you can make excuses. But you can’t do both. Leadership is all about getting results. At the end of the day, you either produce or you don’t.

Build your character:
Anyone who wishes to lead in life must be worth following. Don’t just think about leadership in business, but instead think of being worthy in all areas of your life. If you do this, rather than solely focusing on being a good leader in business, your business leadership skills will flourish and be enriched by the rest of your developed qualities.
If you set to work on your overall character, every branch of your life will benefit. A leader with a strong, well-defined character, is a leader that stands above all the rest. By becoming a man of great character you raise yourself to a position admired by all. Fail to work on your character though and you may lead for a time, but you will soon find yourself neglected, forgotten, and rejected.

Self Confidence:
It takes great self confidence to become a true leader. You have to believe in yourself before anyone else will believe in you. Timidity is not a virtue, and if you find yourself in a position which you don’t understand and you don’t feel confident in, it is up to you to first develop the skills and confidence to do the job well so that you can effectively lead in that area.
There is an important Self-Confidence Formula taught by Napoleon Hill that we will divulge in the full Foundation of Leadership. Follow it, and you will soon find yourself brimming with confidence like never before, and truly equipped to bring and lead those under your influence.

Other Skills Of Leadership:
Learn to be strong, but not rude. Strength, we need. Rudeness, we don’t.
Be kind, but not weak. Sometimes it’s easy to mistake weakness for kindness, but not true. Kindness is a powerful strength. Don’t let your kindness become weakness.
Learn to be bold, but not a bully. Boldness we need. Bullying we don’t need. Throwing your weight around like a boy, trying to impress… We don’t need that. Express, yes, impress, no. Let your character do the impressing. That is a mark of greatness. True greatness doesn’t need to seek to impress people, but rather it expresses itself in pure form through all actions of a man who possesses it, and those actions impress by their very nature. Seek to be this type of a person.

There are many opposites that a man must learn to distinguish between, choosing the greater, not the lesser. We talk much more about these opposing principles in the full Foundation of Leadership.

Every man is what he is because of the dominating thoughts which he permits to occupy his mind.

Learn To Multiply Yourself:
A leader learns to train understudies whom he may delegate at will, any of the details of his position. Only in this way may a leader multiply himself to be at many places and give attention to many things at one time. It is an eternal truth that men receive more pay for their ability to get others to perform, than they could possibly earn by their own efforts alone.
So that being said, learn what tasks you yourself do that you could train a few others to do as well, so that the amount of work you do is multiplied.
Pick out the tasks you perform that, if greatly multiplied, have the ability to vastly increase your plans and your fortune. Then, set out to train others to perform these duties.

Educate Both Your Mind And Your Heart:
Educating the mind is important. But educating the mind without educating the heart does no help at all. Aristotle said that, and this resonates with me very deeply. You see, we can spend so much time on self-development, personal growth and success ideas, and become a great person business-wise, but what if you never become a great person in the way that you love others and love God?
You see, success and money won’t change who you are. They’ll only magnify it, making you more of who you already are.

The most important points to draw from this Foundation Of Leadership are that you should seek to build your character first. Develop and define yourself as a great man, a righteous, fair, noble man, worthy of being followed.
Then, once your character is right, seek to lead in business and other areas. When you find yourself ill-equipped, don’t merely pretend and go through the motions of leadership. Instead, develop the confidence you need in all situations to lead well. Learn the skills you lack and understand the angles you don’t. Then, lead well.
Learn to delegate your work to others, thus multiplying yourself and your abilities.
It is an eternal truth that men receive more pay for their ability to get others to perform, than they could possibly earn by their own efforts alone.
Finally, live out your virtues and values. All that you teach, you should practice as well. By consistently ensuring that you practice what you preach, you will be one of the greatest leaders in your industry.

Learn The Foundations Of Success

By this point I’m sure you’re intrigued and wondering what else there is to know that can help you live the life you have always desired.
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