1 Simple Method On How To Stop Procrastinating

1 Simple Method On How To Stop Procrastinating – Plan Past Procrastination

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Do you want to know how to stop procrastinating?
The odds are good that more often than you like, you find yourself in a battle with procrastination, wondering how you’ll ever stop procrastinating. If it’s a losing battle, maybe you should learn to actually embrace a little bit of procrastination.
The reality is, we’re all going to get distracted from time to time, but if you plan past procrastination, and include allowance for it in your day to day, you may actually get more done.

Procrastination gets the best of all of us. It’s time we stopped letting it. If you’re a young entrepreneur and your desire is to become a high achiever, you’ve got to get ahold of your life and your schedule and stop procrastination before it ever has a foothold on your day.
One simple method of stopping procrastination is to simply plan past it. You’ll easily get to a place where you want to stop, you want to drag your feet, you want to do something else. But if you plan past procrastination you’ll easily be able to stay on track, even if you do need a quick break or distraction.
The thing is, most of us procrastination because we don’t have a strong enough foresight into what we want to accomplish, why we want to accomplish it, and what benefit accomplishing a specific task will bring us. But if we plan through procrastination and clearly lay out the benefits to ourselves, we’ll keep a clear view in mind of what we’re working on, we’ll take the necessary breaks and distractions needed to keep our energy and focus up, and we’ll accomplish all that we’ve set our minds on.
Stop your shiny object syndrome. It’s easy to move from one thing to the next, to the next. there is always something that wants to snatch our attention. However, when you’re planning your goals and setting your objectives, create a plan that accounts for procrastination, that allows you to move from one thing to the next to the next, and yet always keeps you coming back to your overall objective. Have a well thought out plan with steps in place that will keep you on track and help you stop procrastinating in the big picture but allows you too in the small moments.
Furthermore, it’s important to understand that procrastination actually is a benefit in some areas of our life. If we procrastinate we actually give our subconscious more time to think, to process, and to problem solve. So procrastination can actually be your ally from time to time, but when you are in a habit of never taking the action you need, you need to deal with procrastination differently.

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3 Tips to Stop Procrastination

If you want more, we’ve got another great video on 3 steps to avoid procrastination.
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We all wrestle with indecision and procrastination from time to time. However, if you want to be successful in life, this is an area of your life that you absolutely MUST dominate or you will be doomed to suffer poor results your whole life.
Luckily, there are some things that we can begin doing to change our ill habits and to start seeing success in this area of our lives.

Oftentimes, procrastination comes from a lack of real vision for ourselves and the activities that we would do.
If you can first cast for yourself a detailed vision of where you want to be in life, and how each important action plays into that vision, you will begin to see an urge to accompish all that you have planned. Furthermore, you will begin to cut out all erroneous action, and only focus on doing the most beneficial and productive of tasks that will propel you toward your Ultimate Definite Purpose in life.

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